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Nickel & Dimed & Other Stuff

July 20th, 2010 at 09:01 pm

Just got the "water" bill. In general, it went up about 10%. It is really water/sewer/garabage/whatever. We have a city and a county bill. They equate to about $112/month now (up from $100). Maybe more, since I haven't got the county bill yet, for July 1 (new fiscal year). Ouch!

Metered water is optional here. Our city has a terrible reputation for wasting water. Only about $5 of the bill was for summer watering. Only $15 was the metered portion that I can control. (I averaged $10/month before watering season). Not much I can do about most of the rest of the $100.

Gotta love it!

It just figured, since I was just tallying up everything:

$9/month Netflix
$9/month LM's new allowance (up from $0).
$9/month Cable increase

We lost our cable promotional rate, this month, apparently. I looked over the bill, and we still get a substantial promotion for internet, for a few more months. So, by 2011, will be full rates. Ouch. Overall, seems to be worth it. Went from "bottom of the barrel" cable and internet to "top of the line." The sad thing, is we get like $100 if we refer people to Surewest. BUT, the 4-5 people I know we could talk into it (our more techie friends) all live in the Bay Area. & Surewest, for some logical reason I am sure, does not provide service there. But, I think they really should! The second they do, I know I can earn a pretty penny in referrals.

All these increases are being financed by the fact that I am saving $150/month on preschool expenses. Though, I was hoping to save most of it. But, that does justify the Netflix and cable increases, for us. I am just not enjoying everything else seeming to go up in $9 increments. It ALL adds up.


Well, in other news, took dh's car in for squealy brakes. I am crossing my finger for it to be "nothing." Interestingly, they were squealing like crazy, and then stopped squealing. So, who knows. We have just been too busy/lazy to take it in. BUT, he wanted to go on a long drive with the kids later this week, to visit family. SO, told him I wanted to get the brakes looked at first. The only reason we had put it off was because they stopped squealing before we got around to taking it in. But we hadn't been driving the car much, either. I don't like messing with brakes.

4 Responses to “Nickel & Dimed & Other Stuff”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    What I find hard to believe is all the "older than us" people we build houses for, have to get mortgages at their age. You shouldn't have a mortgage when you are retired. (in my opinion)

  2. Looking Forward Says:

    Hmm.. I wonder if they want to use the interest for tax purposes and by having a lower payment they can invest the excess?
    Or they have a huge amount still owed. Who knows. I guess I'm nosey because I probably would have asked! Big Grin

  3. whitestripe Says:

    DF's dad owes ~$300k and he is 52 Frown he's the type that borrows more and more... eh.

    we were offered $574k in the blink of an eye, and this was when they were really tough with loans just after the financial crisis started. it boggles my mind to think how much we could have applied for a few years earlier.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Ima, I think the same thing. We have some friends and they owe on their mortgages and then use their homes as an ATM -- refinance or get HELOCs to pay for stuff. Like vacations!

    M M -- I think the next water bill I get for 3 months will be less than your monthly one...guess I better be happy with what I have.

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