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Lunch Update

June 30th, 2010 at 01:30 pm

I hadn't updated lately, but I have only been eating in, per usual.

In fact, I only ate out once (lunch date with dh) which is not necessarily good. Means I have been anti-social. Then again, have been on vacation and eating "out" too much nights and weekends. So, probably works out.

We haven't initiated much eating out, but camp meant LOTS of food, we were invited to 2 dinners, a couple of BBQs, and as I always say, my waistline is always in line with how much I Eat out. It doesn't matter if I get salad with dressing on the side, when I eat outside the home, I end up with more inches and pounds.

I believe I worked 20 days, in June, and only bought one meal. 20 days would be easy peasy, but I squeezed in a lunch date with dh while the kids were still in school. Lunch dates will resume in August. I neglected my other 2 lunch buddies this month.



Ate apple sauce and mixed nuts for breakfast. Leftover sloppy joes and salad, for lunch. Someone brought in cupcakes, so will probably be my snack. Big Grin


Not much to report. Dh is beginning his 6 full weeks home with the kids. I could tell they were driving him a little crazy yesterday. The heat didn't help. Well, they were definitely cooped up. I told them it would be cooler today so asked daddy to take them to the park, or to the pool. Wink

That said, I was feeling lazy, so appeased BM with Yahtzee and scrabble the last couple of nights. (The 100F+ days didn't help). Tonight should be considerably cooler so many the park or pool will be an evening activity.

Oh yes - BM's summer camp got cancelled. No surprise. They actually offered to transfer him to another park, but it wasn't appealing without being right down the street. I told dh it was up to him, but he passed. He'd have to drive him, but would be stuck with him bouncing off the walls, too. Wink

I went to Walgreens on the way home the other day to grab a Graduation card, for a relative of sorts. I couldn't find any. Geez. I walked out with a lunch box for LM. Thankfully, Mr. Picky loved it.

I saw Hanes was having a great sale, but I am not quite sure what we need. I need to get organized this weekend and figure out what the kids need for their school wardrobes. I think BM still has all the shorts he wore for Kinder, and those could go to LM. (HE still wears them because he grows up more than out). Which means I may just need some XS shorts. Or I need to find some with elastic waistbands. (They have belts, but the shorts/pants can run pretty wide and useless).

BM probably needs some bigger shirts too. I could probably hand ALL his clothes to LM and just start over. Ugh.

The school has a clothes closet that I usually just leave for the less well off. BUT, this year I may be able to donate some stuff, so feel less guilty trading for some bigger sizes. We may try that.

They have a dress code to "help the poor." You know how I feel about that, from prior posts. I am not sure why the "poor" want to buy a second set of clothes for their kids. I sure as hell spend as little as possible on the "second bland wardrobe." IT helps to know they really aren't that picky, so I don't have to shop for hours or spend a fortune on getting the correct colors, etc. Will be much easier picking out a backpack this round. Will respect the "no character" rules (that no one else seems to respect), but I am not going to freak out if I can't find a plainer than plain child's backpack for under $20. If a character backpack is on sale $5, I may ignore the rules entirely.

They sent me a catalog, for the Kindergartener, for the expensive store they want us to buy our clothes at. I rolled my eyes and threw it in the recycle bin. Thankd Goodness for Hanes. I can get most the stuff for $5 apiece. Not sure where I will get shorts. It just occured to me LM we need more bland shoes too. Rolleyes He's got light up character shoes from Payless and all. The plain shoes are always more exensive too...

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