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Gearing Up for Busy

May 29th, 2010 at 07:02 am

The month of June is getting a wee bit crazy!

Dh is volunteering about 30 hours, nights and weekends. Just seems to be a big volunteer month (Scholastic and Public TV station).

BM has a last day of school BBQ, and a big fundraiser; LM has graduation from preschool (hard to believe!)

Dh is organizing some grade school reunion (lord knows why - so unlike him!)

My work is having a big dinner.

We are going on our family camp trip for 4 days in Tahoe.

I think I have turned down 10 invitations on the day of June 18. It's like the day all the stars aligned. Some of these things have been scheduled to work around us (work dinner got moved to the 17th?).

Oh yeah, dh has a volunteer appreciation dinner (which are always really nice - at the TV station).

I don't remember the last time the kids had a babysitter, and now we have 2 dinners in one month. I think we can arrange a "trade" with a neighbor - & have a 15% off coupon for the drop-in place, for the other dinner.


This weekend is also turning up a wee bit crazy. I was kind of looking for some quiet/settling down time. Suppose we can try for July. Big Grin

We can tend to be really hermit-y. You wouldn't know it, but we do have one extrovert child, which forces us to come out of hermithood more than we care for. LOL. So, it's a bit much, but will be good for us all the same.

My folks are coming up this weekend and we made plans with friends on Monday. Sunday we can have a full day of being hermits - phew!

2 Responses to “Gearing Up for Busy”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    We tend to be "hermit-y" also. (HeHe) And like you, our outgoing DD "forces" us to get out and make friends. Wink
    Your trip to Tahoe sounds soo nice! I am hoping we can go camping this summer.

  2. HouseHopeful Says:

    I have to laugh. My original plan for this weekend was to do nothing. Now, I have several events that I'm attending. Maybe next week!

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