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Borrowing Ideas from Thriftorama

May 22nd, 2010 at 10:09 am

I am in the way super early stages of thinking about gardening.

I've never had much luck in the garden, and don't consider it really my thing. But as I look for new ways to economize, gardening is kind of the next obvious step. Dh is also a little more into it, and has always liked the idea of growing a garden with the kids.

"Sacramento's long growing season (240+ days) gives us two major vegetable planting periodsó spring and fall. As you'll see from the calendar below, however, there's actually something edible to plant every month of the year."

{I am having no luck pasting the link here - something like sacramento gardening dot com.}

I suppose we will start with peppers (easy and May is the time to plant). Next would be carrots, radishes, and deciding on some herbs. Those seem obvious, anyway.

Anyway, yesterday, I came across a blog entry on gardening (on another local blog). The blog mentioned it is nearly impossible to grow edibles in our soil, and went into "frugal" ways to build raised garden beds. May be on the fugal side, but seemed pretty complicated to me. Ugh.

I thought, "there has got to be something more frugal!" So I googled "cheap raised garden beds," or something of the like, and probably got a zillion ideas on re-using recycled materials. Much more my speed!

OF course, then I came across the best idea of all:

I have been storing these forever (to freecycle, or use, at some point. I might have at least 6 laying around the house right now (some white ones too!). We will probably cut them in half (top half/bottom half) and make holes in the bottoms of them.

So, today I was ruminating on where to make space for all these plastic containers, in our soil. I am sure we will invest in some nicer looking ones for the patio and such. These will be good around the yard as we find places to sneak in some veggies around the yard.

I thought of Thriftorama's plan to hide her veggies behind bushes in her front yard (you know, due to the "no gardens in the front yard" thing to which I have the feeling my HOA would subscribe to). Even if that wasn't an issue, fact is, we have very little yard to grow anything out front.

So I Was ruminating, and then it hit me! I totally forgot that we had some unused space in our front yard, hiding behind a pile of bushes. We used to fret about what to do with that space and eventually just figured no one could see it so who cares.

ding ding ding!!!

We will have some weeds to clear out - but it ain't half bad - looks like it even gets water back there? Big Grin

SO, I have to think Thriftorama for that idea.

Time for a secret garden! Wink


Finally, I need all the luck in the world. The only thing I have successfully planted, ever, is my wildflowers (from seed). As I mentioned earlier. While taking pictures, I snapped a pic.

My little wildflower jungle! Big Grin

Hopefully I can expand my horizons beyond wildflowers...

Anyway, if nothing else, I feel relieved that it looks like we can start gardening, whenever. Summer and fall is a good time for lots of plantings. Yay!

9 Responses to “Borrowing Ideas from Thriftorama”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Nice plan! Make sure the area your planting in gets enough sun for the item you are planting. Smile

  2. monkeymama Says:

    They will, I took this picture very early in the a.m. - it gets sun most of the day.

    But yes, I will be keeping an eye on shadows/shade spots while we figure out where to plant.

  3. whitestripe Says:

    my tomatoes grew really well, i grew them from seed and was really surprised they gave us enough tomatoes for a couple of salads within the first few months!

    i just bought some trough-like pots from the hardware store, they were about $13 each and I have four. they are 'watersaving' ones.

  4. zetta Says:

    I'd suggest a fewthat would be fun for the kids: sunflowers, beans/peas (with a stake or trellis to climb), pumpkin. Nothing beats home-grown tomatoes, so definitely plant a couple!

  5. lartiga Says:

    Using the cat litter tubs for planters is an excellent, frugal idea. You could drill several holes at the bottom and use them as taller, "portable" planters if you wanted. I've had success growing Swiss chard, bok choy, and tomatoes in planters smaller than litter tubs. At my condo, my only option is container gardening since all I have is a small patio.

  6. monkeymama Says:

    Unfortunately, no one in our house likes tomatoes! I keep hearing they are the easiest to grow.

    BUT, dh does make homemade salsa. So, the more I think about it... I suppose we could use some tomatoes.

  7. monkeymama Says:

    whitestripe - BM's teacher got those troughs outside his classroom - which kind of motivated me as well. I know they were relatively inexpensive.

  8. Looking Forward Says:

    I've wanted to get some raised beds made in our backyard for a veggie patch. Add it to the list of things to do!!!

    I suggest planting sugar peas, lettuce and spinach. As a child I loved picking and eating these right in the garden!

  9. Tabs Says:

    By the way, those are very nice picture!

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