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Appreciated All Around

May 7th, 2010 at 07:34 am

Teachers should be feeling appreciated today:

Monkey Mama sure feels appreciated:

Early Mother's Day Gift! Big Grin


I am starting a 3-Day weekend. My first one since December (heck, I haven't had many 2-day weekends, since).

I haven't decided what exactly to do, but I actually feel a little productive. So, I may hit Craigslist or scrub the showers, or something productive. Now if I could get the inside of the house as shiny as the outside...

Oh, I am quite sure I will also find some time to laze around and take a nap.


I offered to bake a cake for a teacher. In the end they didn't have enough people, so most of us made two. In the end, it was the perfect cake to make 2 of. I thought I may be up all night, but it worked out pretty well. Probably baked from 6:30-ish to 8:30-ish. Frosted and wrapped around 10pm. Not bad.


Simple, but DIVINE.

This was a good lesson for the kids. They were quite upset that I was making TWO cakes, and that they couldn't even have a bite! Wink Told them it is nice to do things for other people...

OF course, dh bought me some powdered sugar and I didn't need it (he had gotten all the ingredients for me while I was at work) and so I decided to make my "2 minute" fudge today. Had been craving it for a while.


This one is also simple, but divine. I think that would sum up my cooking motto pretty good. I like simple!


Between baking and a board meeting last night (I was baking while dh was meeting), we squeaked by with our school volunteer commitment for the year. I just read deadline was May 31 - yikes! We missed a couple of months with dh's surgery, and he has been unable to volunteer at all during the day, with LM's reduced preschool schedule. They also canceled bank day with the demise of WAMU - which was where I got most my hours last year. This year was mostly baking, board meetings, and Scholastic.

Next year should be a little easier. So, phew.

BM was counting the other day. He said we have 500 books. Yikes! Dh is looking forward to way more Scholastic hours next year, with both kids in school and no daycare to consider ("volunteer" though paid generously with books - many that we keep). I think I have to institute a sell/donate the same amount of books we bring in. They are mostly kids books, and small, but it's still kind of absurd. Knowing that he can volunteer a bajillion hours, I better be prepared with a plan. Of course, I would hope he donates most of the books he earns, to the school.


But for a birthday party, we really have no plans this weekend. I likey!

3 Responses to “Appreciated All Around”

  1. mrs Says:

    The cakes look soooo yummy! And the early MD present is beautiful!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Mmm... is that a bundt cake? Smile
    500 books sounds like a good start for a personal library. Big Grin By the time I was in high-school, I probably had close to 2000 books. My dad would groan every time we moved about moving my books. Smile Now I'm probably back to around 500 or so. (It killed me to let go of them, but moving myself a few times made for lots of motivation!)

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    Yes, used a bundt pan.

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