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Sad Day for DH

April 21st, 2010 at 02:17 pm

He sold...


(I thought the day would never come - has been gathering dust for about 2 years).

It was a first generation TIVO, gift from my dad who got it from a friend/colleague who worked at TIVO. About a decade old.

& TV was never the same!

Then, our mom and pop cable company got bought out and it was no longer compatible with any other option.

Anyway, the thing holds like just a few hours and only has one tuner. But it was TOP NOTCH. Every DVR we have rented since, just sucks in comparison. I love the 4 tuners and the gazillion hours on our current DVR, but its still not quite as user friendly and top notch as the TIVO. TIVO should really be making more money, in my opinion! (To be fair - the new Surewest DVR is pretty good. The 4 tuners and gazillion hours make it a rather even match, I suppose).

Dh sold the TIVO for $60. Worth so much because we had paid $150-ish for a lifetime subscription. I don't remember exactly what we paid for that. Dh was pretty sad when a couple of people were clearly only interested in the lifetime subscription. He told me the person he sold it to was going to use it. Some elderly person who probably will. Made dh happy.


In other news, I found the paint colors for our house and trim, but not for the accents.

There is no doubt we will stick with the same color to avoid HOA hassles, and because our lighter color has held up better against the elements, anyway. Might as well keep it.

The accents are kind of a barfy brown color. The reason we chose the color scheme is it was used on one of the models and looked the nicest of them all. Had trouble visualizing, otherwise. Never much cared for it. Well, love/hate relationship. It's nice, but always struck me as kind of barfy, all the same.

Wondering if we should just bite the bullet and pick a completely different color for the accents. Tempting, tempting. On one hand, I really try hard to avoid conflict. But on the other hand, I really do feel like the HOA has better things to do at the moment than to badger the only homeowner who has bothered to paint. It's only one pair of shutters, and a door, from the front of the house. (I don't even know if there is anything on the back of the house). Easy to redo ourselves if the HOA goes raving mad.

I think I might like to pick some dark colored shutters... Big Grin


P.S. Dh just got signed up for a $65 focus group (it's been forever since we qualified for anything). Guess it's his lucky day.

6 Responses to “Sad Day for DH”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Our painter said they could pull a paint chip off the house and have it color matched at the store, if we wanted the same colors.

    Congrats on the sale!

  2. whitestripe Says:

    you've probably seen in photos that I put up when we bought the house, but our colourscheme is a kind of baby blue, white and maroon. I don't like it at all, but apparently it's a traditional colourcheme (a few houses around have the same scheme) and DF said we may as well keep it the way it is. Frown sometimes you can't win! lol.

  3. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    A neighbor painted their house bright yellow with lime green trim! It looks so cheerful and optimistic. After about two decades of seeing every sided house with what I call "tasteful shades of putty," it is so refreshing to see this house. I wish it would start a trend of more variety in house colors.

  4. Looking Forward Says:

    I say, "Go for It!"
    It's a tiny change in comparison to the rest of the house. Happy paint hunting! Big Grin

  5. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I could barely give away my Tivo's. Of course, neither one had the lifetime. If they had, I'd still have the first one! (upgraded from ST to DT)

  6. monkeymama Says:

    Dh decided to be boring and doesn't want to paint the accents another color. Oh well!

    It's fine. I am just surprised he is not jumping at the chance to mess with the HOA. Usually he'd be happy too. Big Grin

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