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April 15th is so close...

April 11th, 2010 at 09:56 am

I believe this Saturday was my last big Saturday working. April 30th is another deadline, and most of my work is non-tax, so I have TONS to catch up on. Wouldn't be surprised if I work a bit next weekend, or 2, but I think as of this week the craziness should rachet down quite a bit!

I will probably make the effort to just work more during the week, and free up my weekends again. I swear the main reason I feel I have to work Saturdays is so that I can get some uninterrupted work done. Interruptions galore, this time of year.

I am more caught up than usual, for this time of year. It was a good year. But dealing with lots of client drama (a very messy divorce and feuding shareholders who are splitting). I've also got a handful of new clients. Which is okay, considering we have lost a ton. We are also short employees, as always, so it's not like things will slow down, either. It is anything but slow. It's just not quite as frantic as usual. Things will be easier once all these new clients get in a groove.


I haven't been to the gym or worked out forever. I think I have eaten in more than usual. I don't usually eat out much, at all, BUT once or twice a week, a fast meal - but I definitely notice the difference to my waistline, just by cutting it back to zero. Tax reason will either run, "I forgot to eat," or "stuff myself with food to deal with the stress." This year was more "forgot to eat." I haven't gained an ounce, or an inch (more to the point).

But, yes, I have been doing a fair amount of bike riding. I find it hard to deal with the stress without regular exercise. I think the thing is this is the least stressful tax season I remember in a LONG time. For various reasons. So I don't think I needed the exercise outlet quite as much, and let it slide a bit. On the other hand, bike riding fills the void much more easily. Like, last night we did a light bike ride, but it was SO amazingly peaceful out. Wasn't a big workout, but was good for the soul.


Today I have got some returns to take to Kohls. I would like to peruse the grocery store for cheaper salmon - I am having a hankering for some crockpot salmon. I don't require fresh salmon. Will see what I can find - if I can find a frugal medium.

I've been making breakfast every Sunday morning - will fry up more potatoes and scramble some eggs, probably, this morning.

It's raining all day, so not much else to do. May just have to go to the gym - though I may just take a nap and veg out all day.

As usual, I won't be having a huge celebration April 15th. April 30th, yes, I will. As always, I am excited and ready for a slow, leisurely summer. Phew.

2 Responses to “April 15th is so close...”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    I miss running. I haven't done regular running for over 6 months now. My shins thank me for this Big Grin but I miss the feeling of pushing yourself as far as you can. It is good that you use exercise as an outlet, I think it's becoming a lost one lol - more and more people are turning to food. or medication Frown. Hopefully you can pass it onto your kids, it would be the best gift you can give them Smile

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    This is the only thing I don't like about the gym, whitestrip. The kids usually just watch TV in the daycare while we workout. I do a lot of bike riding and walking with my kids. Something about them sitting around while we work out, feels wrong. I guess we just try to find the right balance. My Dad has always been very active - probably where I got it from.

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