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Tuesday Tidbits

March 30th, 2010 at 06:35 pm

Kids are on spring break. IT's good and bad. Timing is kind of good so I can throw myself into work and not worry about getting kids to school and stuff like that. But I Also think it sucks that they get all this time off while I am so busy. Can't win.

**Owl Barf Balls

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Dh got this Scholastic book a while back called "Gross Out" or something like that, all about gross animal facts. It had a recipe for "owl barf balls," something like peanut butter, cocunut (fur), pretzels (bones), etc. Dh kept telling the kids they would make it, but it never was done.

So, yesterday I went home for lunch and BM Was reading the book and delighting in it. I joked that we really needed to make the barf balls for easter.

So, came home in the evening, and dh decided to make them with the kids - with all their free time.

& um, they were actually REALLY good. Funny thing is they are making a batch for Easter. It will be fun to gross out the family.


**So, dh asks me about the budget. He knew I just paid a bajillion bills and told him not to spend any money. So he asks me what kind of budget he is working with, for spring break.

"Um, $0?"

So I Asked him what he wanted to spend money on - we have memberships all around town - plenty of "free" stuff to do. Plus he is planning a few days with Grandma and all that. The little zoo/park by Grandma's house has been closed over 2 years for renovation, so they are going to the grand opening and all. We bought her a membership and it is still good for a few months (since they closed down mid-year through her last membership). So that is free for the kids too.

He just said he maybe wanted to go to a mantinee. "Is that it?" I think we can swing it. I was just bracing myself for some crazy expensive activity, the way he broached the subject. Since when did we not have $15 for a movie? (We go so rarely).

Anyway, I share, because it was kind of a funny exchange. I guess I have been exaggerating our "broke-ness" lately. Like he couldn't make $15 selling a game, anyway.

SO, dh comes home the other night and tells me he spent $50 at Target. For Easter.


He was telling me how everything sucked, there was nothing good, and it was expensive. It's just so funny to me that we have the other conversation, but then he thinks nothing of spending $50. In the end he is returning $10 of things. The thing is Easter is a big holiday for his family. I could care less. Of course he mostly bought candy, though we had this huge discussion lately about the kids have way too much candy from school and stuff.

Whatever, I don't get it, but it is his *thing.*


This weekend will be fun - big family shindig for Easter. Just hoping the weather is nice. Lots of rain for this week. Bah humbug to a rainy Easter.

Other than that, not much but work work work until April 15th.


Almost forgot - went to Kohls and got swim trunks on sale for the kids. I swear you have got to watch them like a hawk - the prices never ring up to the signs. Went round and round to get the $8 price as advertised.

BUT, struck gold with the clearance rack. I looked all winter for a couple of nice sweaters and nothing fit right. I figure if none of the TONS of sweaters fit, I doubted I'd have any luck on the sales rack after winter. SO, I perused the clearance racks on a whim, and pulled two $10 sweaters that look like they were made for me. So - nothing really fit or looked right, until the clearance rack. Geez - if I had known I could have saved a lot of time. & these were really nice sweaters that should last a while. Phew!

I also scored a long dress on sale for $25. I usually buy one every year around February but they just didn't have anything. With time, the wardrobe has gotten much more varied, since I tend to keep things forever. I got a new dress now that I won't see any clients again for another year. Figures, but, it will be nice for summer too. IT was nice to find some nice things after coming out empty handed so many times the past few months.


In other news, someone has been passing around my cell phone #. It's really annoying. Apparently people think I am a doctor and have left me all sorts of "urgent messages." At first I was ignoring it thinking they would get a clue. I thought it was ONE PERSON calling over and over and over. I never answer my phone - keep it for emergency and family for the most part.

So, after someone called like 10 times in one hour, I decided to start answering it. It was then I realized it was a lot of different people calling (all from the same hospital #, incidentally). I thought telling people it was the wrong #, would help.

Today it escalated. Now I am getting calls from all sorts of different area codes. I don't know what the heck.

SO, I changed my voice mail to state clearly as day that if they weren't looking for me, they have the WRONG #!!! I doubt this will help since I am clearly not "Dr. So and do." If anyone would actually listen to my voice mail.

Dh thinks I should just put some really bizarre thing on my voice mail so people will go back to the source and say, "what the heck?" Probably not a bad idea. Since only my family calls me anyway.

Anyway, I suppose I will start answering my phone until I get to the bottom of it. I do know most of the calls have come from a hospital (Caller ID) for a doctor. If I knew which doctor, I would call or show up and tell them to fix the phone #. Probably was just a transposition or something. I think I Can get to the bottom of it. It's just really obnoxious in the interim.

3 Responses to “Tuesday Tidbits”

  1. snshijuptr Says:

    Oh man, my DH does the exact same thing. He freaks out that we have no money when I talk about our budget, then he will say we should go out to dinner with our friends. He was shocked when I told him how much we had saved in our savings accounts. I'm trying to be better about keeping him in the loop for the budget.

  2. janh Says:

    My cell number was erroneously printed as the phone number for a business in another city. I've gotten wrong phone calls for several years. Slacked off now so I guess it finally got corrected. But, I haven't gotten them in such big numbers! I hope you get it straightened out soon. Most people were very nice, but I imagine that as many as you are getting is pretty rough.

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Wow, that is pretty annoying about the phone calls. I hope you get it resolved soon. If you don't, you could look into changing your number - especially if it's just family and friends that have it.

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