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*News* on California Refunds

February 25th, 2010 at 12:44 am

Just in my inbox:

"California refunds could be delayed (02-24-10)
The state budget crisis is not yet fixed, and the state's cash flow is dismal. It's too early to tell, but you can't rule out the State Controller delaying income tax refunds or issuing IOUs if California lawmakers don't resolve the budget crisis.

The rumblings are starting later than last year, though. & it is still only speculation, at this point.

As for me, I am not owed a refund. In fact, paid in the minimum I had to - just for this reason. But, figured I'd pass along since I have seen the questions around here - about state refunds this year.


Feeling relieved today. Took the kids for dental cleanings. BM seems extremely cavity prone. So, basically, I hold my breath every time we go to the dentist. Not only for BM, but wondering if LM will develop the same cavity-proneness.

It turns out BM did not have any cavities, and the plaque they had been monitoring had desisted, so no X-rays next time either. (Not sure I agree with this - give the boy X Rays! Beats a surprise of an army of cavities festering all year). But, was all good news, yes.

However, his baby teeth had been falling out, out of order, and as a preventitive measure, they did want to pull a tooth, in an effort to get the teeth growing in the right place. I exclaimed it was already loose, as of a few days - more for BM's sake. I have had teeth removed - baby teeth are easy - and loose ones must be easier. Dentist thought I was fighting her and said, "well, if it come out on its own in a couple weeks." Pfffft. That is not going to happen. Told her I was just glad it was already loose - we will come in for the extraction.

Full price is $200. 10% cash discount. 25% off that for tax deduction. In the end $135 for a little prevention, is no biggie. Not that I really think it will matter. The kids inherited my teeth - so we are screwed. I have been saving for orthodnotia since before they were even born.

I suppose this is why a tooth extraction doesn't bother me as much. Those are given, with my genes!


I couldn't fit another dentist appointment in BM's or my schedule for another 2 weeks. (To be fair - trying to work around school more than anything!) Lord I hope dh is up to taking him next time. He should feel mighty fine by then.


Found out my friend's child has a benign brain tumor. THey have been spending the last couple of weeks ruling out cancer. I feel extra grateful we didn't have to go down that route. (They have been meeting with oncologists and getting biopsies in the time frame we were already interviewing surgeons - dh's tumor was so obviously not cancerous).

But yeah, it's like there is something in the water. Yeesh.

As for us, I can't believe we may be putting this chapter behind us, in just a few days. Dh went out for a hair trim yesterday, and his hair is back to all one length. Can still see the scar, but it will be covered up completely in no time. (If he had darker hair - it would probably no longer be visible). His next MRI is in a few days. Hopefully, his final MRI!

9 Responses to “*News* on California Refunds”

  1. Homebody Says:

    We usually owe too to the state. Good news all around today (except the teeth). I was so lucky. None of my 3 girls had any cavities growing up. 2 needed braces, but they were easy fixes, no teeth pulling or anything. They had some sort of sealant painted on their permanent teeth that were supposed to help them stave off cavities. It apparently worked.

  2. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    I've heard it said that cavities are inherited. I had lots of cavities and so did my first son. My husband has never had a cavity and our second son didn't either. First son, who takes after me needed braces. The second, who takes after my husband doesn't need them. Strange, isn't it? Both my kids did the same brushing and maintenance. I figure it's out of my control so I don't worry about it.

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:


    The boy I tutor in Biology and I were just studying about this today. It has a lot to do with sex-linked traits. Depending on what alleles (traits) are dominant and recessive in each parent, different variations of a trait can occur. So, like in your case, you probably have a dominant trait for cavities, while your husband has one for no cavities. When you had children, each child had a 50/50 chance of ending up with one or the other.

  4. zetta Says:

    Have you looked into having the dentist put a sealant on their teeth?

  5. whitestripe Says:

    a friend of ours has a mother that is a dental hygeinist - the mother got her and her siblings teeth pre filled in advance, to safeguard against it. lol! talk about a little extreme. but hey, she has awesome teeth!

  6. monkeymama Says:

    Homebody/zetta - I still have sealant on my molars (my dentist proudly tells me every visit - LOL. almost 30 years? Still hanging on?). They don't do that until kids are older (permanent teeth?). PLUS, my kid's problem is teeth too close together - so wouldn't help his cavities - they are between his teeth - not on the molars.

    Um, I have NO DOUBT it is inherited. You know what happened to me? MArried a man with PERFECT TEETH. Never a cavity - lax oral hygiene like me.

    So, my 4-year-old gets a ton of cavities and THEN I found out my dh was the same way as a kid. At least he will probably outgrow it. (These all festered before he was 4, so we seem to be on top of it now - needs major flossing to protect space between teeth. If I had known I would have taken him to the dentist MUCH younger though - kind of peeved about that still).

    Thankfully, LM seems to take after me. We slave over BM's teeth to keep the cavities at bay but LM has the "perfect mouth" and we always get lectures about BM. The rest of us don't have to work a fraction as hard for healthy teeth. Phew!

  7. ceejay74 Says:

    Here's a dental puzzler: NT never had a cavity until he came to the U.S., then my dentist started finding all sorts of little cavities and fixing them. So, does he have great teeth that were ruined when he moved in with an awesome dessert chef (AS)? Or did he always have little cavities that his UK dentist didn't catch?

    It's an especially funny conundrum because of the cultural teeth differences between US & UK--Brits don't all have the terrible teeth of jokes and stereotypes, but nor do they cap and bleach and brace teeth into a blinding white wall of perfection.

  8. sweetmama Says:

    California owed us a refund. We received it about 2.5 weeks after efiling and before our federal refund. Of course neither is real 'big money', so maybe that makes a difference.
    Good news on the no cavities and DH's progress.

  9. monkeymama Says:

    ceejay - that's interesting.

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