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Life is Settling Down, Maybe...

February 21st, 2010 at 04:24 pm

I told myself that I would take today off. Something I haven't gotten in many weeks...

Then I remember:

1 - We were going to buy an apple tree - and plant it!
2 - I have some spots to clean off the carpet (procrastination has already been done there)
3 - I was going to make dinner
4 - I was going to go to work for a few hours

& on and on and on...


In the end, decided to skip work.

Though maybe we will do morning chores and call it a day. I am also thinking of putting off the apple tree purchase another year. February is the month to plant it. This year is just way too crazy though. We haven't removed the stump on our old tree (though small and may be simple). & I really rather do that when dh can help. I don't mind the work - I have issues with the SPIDERS. This is why I do not do yard work!


All that said, today should be pretty low key, compared to the rest of the week, and I have gotten some time with the kids.

Yesterday I took them to Chuck E Cheese hell - for a birthday party.

You may recall that my kids had their party there. BUT, it was a WEEK NIGHT. It was a very pleasant experience.

We went to a party there one weekend a year or 2 ago, and I would describe it as hell. There was nothing redeeming about it. So, I promised to take them yesterday - hoping to get in and out as fast as possible. It was worse than I remembered. This time was an actual "reserved and "official" party. They churn them out like a factory. They cram you in like sardines. & then they kick you out to make room for the next batch.

Who in their right mind would do this to their poor children?

The best part? We had to buy our own tokens.


Because they wanted us to wait a half hour.

Anyway, I had thought ahead and brought some "just in case." From home. Really did not expect to need them. Thank goodness! Saved me cash or making my kids stand around and do nothing for a 1/2 hour.

I came home and told dh he could take them next time. This monkey mama is never going to Chuck E Cheese on a weekend. Again. Ever.


When we got home, the weather was gorgeous and the kids were quite upset we left early. I let them play outside though. We put air in the bike tires and LM practiced on the scooter. (We are convinced BM learned how to balance on his bike by learning to balance on his scooter). So, was encouraging very timid LM to TRY the scooter. He runs hot/cold on the bike, but was open to it yesterday.

Today, I need to get air in my tires (they've been sitting in the garage all winter) and BM and I may go for a ride. Though it is a bit cold for my taste. But, it's getting better. It's either that or the gym, for me, today. I haven't gotten to the gym or anything, all week.


Last night I went grocery shopping with BM. I am not sure I have ever bought so many groceries, in my life! I was telling him how I have never shopped for a whole family before. Strange territory. The timing was good. The place was pretty empty (6pm-ish Saturday).

I had quite a list and called dh about 10 times for directions. (Which ones? Where are they???). But I luckily scored quite a few sale items, and hope I did semi well. Dh is the grocery MASTER.

Since my total was $120, I wasn't feeling thrilled, but dh assured me that I did good. He skimmed the receipt and oohed and aaahed over some of the sales I had scored. I suppose I did okay. BM told me even daddy never buys so much food at once. LOL. Though I do not think this is true.

I did score a quarter off per gallon for my vehicle - haven't had one since dh has been out of commission. Have to spend $100 for that holy grail coupon. Usually dh plans the groceries just so, so we never pay full price for the van's gas.

I had to stock up on a lot of stuff, like tuna and yogurt. Bread, juice, salad.

The menu for the next week (or 2):

**Texas Burgers and seasoned corn (new recipe to try)

**Spaghetti and meat + garlic bread (easy and makes lots of leftovers)

**Burritos (easy and makes lots of leftovers).

**Hummus (we need to try the new food processor - haven't opened it yet).

I also bought some eggs, and would like to make an egg salad. Haven't chosen a recipe yet.

We still have about 4 frozen meals in our fridge, as well. SO, this should carry us through the end of the month. & then some...

Anyway, it feels good to have a PLAN. It's been so hectic and I have been waiting for the weekend to plan some meals, etc. I picked meals I could easily cook after work, but dh said he may be up to helping too. He probably is. He helped us fill tires yesterday and stuff like that. He seems totally fine as long as he doesn't leave the house. Which is awesome that he is feeling as good as he is!


I snapped my own pictures of spring:

Though, looks like the cold is returning - I ran the heat a bit last night. & the forecast calls for endless rain again.

It was nice to glimpse spring for a bit...


ETA: Sun came out, its warm, and the little boys and I did a lot of bike riding today. Yay!

4 Responses to “Life is Settling Down, Maybe...”

  1. janH Says:

    We had two days of spring here. Or rather, two days of normal temps. Back to cold and rainy this week. I wish we could have either cold OR rainy, but we seem to be in a rut with both each week. Sigh. Glad you got to get out with your little ones. And, I, too, dislike those pizza/play places. For me, it's the crowds, noise, and everything is dirty!

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Yum! Egg salad. Smile
    It's good you were able to spend some time with your boys - even if it was at Chuckle Cheese. Smile

  3. homebody Says:

    Hey I have one of those trees too in bloom right now, actually nearly everyone on our street has one. It is quite striking when you turn down our street and see them all, of course it only lasts about 5 minutes here, then we have a big wind/rain storm and all the blossoms blow off!

  4. thriftorama Says:

    Gah! No spring here, still under piles of snow. I hate Chuck E Cheese too. I went to a work seminar today and the speaker said that they were the No. 2 pizza chain by sales volume in the U.S., despite having the worst pizza ever. ( His words). He was illustrating how you are really selling and experience, not food, when people eat out.

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