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Spring is Here!

February 16th, 2010 at 04:20 pm

Don't stone me!

The sun has come out, and it was absolutely "warm" this weekend. I HATE winter, with a passion, and spent most of it wrapped up with dh's medical issues. As things calm down, so has the cold/wet weather. Which is nice. If I could spare 5 minutes to enjoy the outdoors, anyway.

I didn't flip on the heat yesterday because the kids were gone and I figured dh could turn on the heat when he felt like it. He likes it colder than I. To my surprise, the heat was *off* when I Came home for lunch, but the thermostat read 68 (what we usually set it to). I asked him if he had turned on the heat at all, and he said, "IT's not on???"

I forget that we rarely run the heat with the sun out. IT had been gone for so long... But, the nights have been warmer too. I am sure we will have another cold spell before spring, but this is nice. As long as we have sun, no more heat for the house. The energy efficiency takes over & harnesses the sun's warmth.


I am having a real love/hate relationship with Facebook. I love getting in touch with old friends and having a central place to keep in contact with people. For that, it is worth it.

Everything else is uber obnoxious! Like, if I turned down adding your page to my favorites, 1 million times before, why do you keep sending me a request every day? OMG! (My #1 pet peeve...)

BUT, I appreciated it last night. A good friend that I have grown apart from announced that her young child has a brain tumor. Geez louise! They don't really know much at this point, and the symptoms sound different from what dh had - so probably a different type tumor. But, I am very saddened to see a young child going through all this. & I couldn't help but thing I Wouldn't know this was going on, otherwise. I am hoping it is beningn, and curable without surgery!

My neighbor keeps telling me she knows what we are going through because they have had so many serious medical issues with their son (since birth). Oy vey - it is so much easier dealing with this with a spouse than a child. I just can not imagine having a child going through any of this. I keep telling dh, "no offense - but it's not the same. I'd be a 100% wreck if it was one of the kids." I've only been 50% of a wreck, with dh. Wink

So yeah, my heart is really going out to my friend right now.


Still feeling a little bad since I had *promised* dh a TV, I asked him why we just do not consider something smaller.

Thing is, the 50-inchers have been at an amazing price point, and why we considered them. But, with flaws in various models, the low price point has vanished. Dh even told me the $1400 one had a *flaw* that he didn't think he was too picky for. (I find that hard to believe - we already have a perfectly great 50-inch that he would be happy to be rid of because of some "invisible flaw."). He did say he wanted to SEE that one before he decided for sure, at least.

BUT, anyway, he tells me, that I confuse him. Because last time *he* suggested to go smaller, I told him not to bother. "Go Big or Go Home." LOL. YEah - last time we were talking about a $200 price difference - might as well get what you want. Since then, finances have changed, and now we are talking a much bigger price gap.

Anyway, I'd rather wait a year and get what we really want, but it's a compromise I can deal with. IT would still be a huge upgrade from our current 32-inch analog TV. & he just can't wait another WEEK even!!!

I am not thrilled to "Settle" for a few hundred dollars, even. But if he goes back to work next year, he can buy whatever the hell he wants, at that point.

Anyway, in the end, if he has to wait 5 minutes, then he can wait a year. No difference to him. (I did say his brain goes out the window when it comes to TV).

So, the new models coming out are much cheaper, and dh wants to wait for the reviews, etc. I think the thing overall is the price point has been low, but so has the quality. I am relieved he is willing to wait, and not settle. I think this is the only thing he is impulsive about. & getting the *right* TV should remove that impuslivity for MANY years. I didn't even ask him to wait very long. I asked, one year? few months? 3 WEEKS???

Well, if he has to wait 3 weeks, might as well salivate over the new models?

But literally, I told him we could go look around at some of the smaller models last might, and in the end he passed. HE is salvating over newer and better, now. & I am grateful for this? LOL. They aren't out in the stores yet, so yeah, peace for me.


I haven't particularly cared for the Wii, for working out.

But, dh scored a few games that he asked me to try out before he sells. (Came with the Wiis' we bought for our parents).

The boxing one sounds fun, and was a good workout. But, don't think I will see myself using it much.

(Sorry, forget the names!)

The personal trainer one has some potential. That one is pricey and came with all sorts of accessories. Since it came with the Wii and a pile of other games and accessories, was essentially *free.*

The other funny thing is I had kind of written off the Wii as *fad.* I don't know if it's the weather, or dh's surgery, but we have been playing that thing almost every single day lately. We did get a lot of games for Christmas, too. I think they are large improvements over the old ones. (The new games our parents all excited for Wiis, too). Don't get me wrong - the kids play it all the time. But *I* hadn't done any activity games on the Wii, in ages. I suppose it is a good winter toy!


Last night, dh broke out the frozen brocolli chicken dinner, and so I grabbed hamburger at the store.

To be fair - I tried a bite of the chicken. Blech. He can have it (he knew the kids wouldn't like it either).

I spotted a 1/2 onion leftover in the fridge and so decided at the last minute to spice up my meat. I loosely followed a meatloaf recipe we have. Skipped the eggs and breadcrumbs, but tossed in about 1/4 onion, parsley, salt/pepper, and about 1/8 cup of horseradish. All added to my 1 lb of beef. YUM. Dh took a hamburger when I Wasn't looking - I made them too tasty! I wondered aloud that it was probably too spicy for the kids, but then remembered that they like the meatloaf recipe. I think this is my new "hamburger" recipe.

3 Responses to “Spring is Here!”

  1. dmontngrey Says:

    I would guess the "personal trainer" game you are referring to is the EA Sports Active. I was so excited to get that one - only to nearly destroy both ankles on the third use. I know exactly what it was that did it too! I spent 6 weeks or so suffering horribly from posterior tibial tendinitis in BOTH ankles. It still acts up and that was 8 months ago. Frown THAT was fun going to the doctor for a Wii injury...

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I was considering getting the EA Sports Active, but just couldn't justify the price. So instead I got My Fitness Coach. I like it so far.

  3. jj76 Says:

    Love Spring. I just realized we have not (AT ALL) turned on the heat this winter. Not once. LOVE IT. In fact, we have the windows open most of the time.

    So sorry to hear about your friend's son. Frown

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