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Frugal Triumphs/Failures Today

February 7th, 2010 at 04:05 am

What a Day!

Been on go-go-go mode all day, but for an hour of quiet time I demanded from 2-3 pm today.


This morning I took dh's car with the intent to fill it up with gas. Was going to hit the regular gas station on the way home, but had a 1/2 hour to kill between when aerobics ended and when the bread store opened. Decided to get gas.

Bad idea!!!

I didn't want to drive to far, but utilized the GPS to find something. Not much I recognized, but for a 76. Decided to go thinking maybe that was a cheaper gas station. Price was $3.05, but lord knows the last time I got any gas (it's been weeks). I thought, "yuck," but figured that was the going rate.

To my dismay, I drove past a Chevron later with the price of $2.93. Usually Chevron is the worst, so I wasn't too happy about that. I also found a Valero closer to the bread store. To remember for next time...


I took the van shopping later and filled it up too. The gas light turned on both the vehicles, just as I approached the gas station. How's that for timing?

I felt that dh's car has been getting terrible gas mileage, but he doesn't agree. !!! Will see... I have never had to fill it up below 300 miles (10 gallon tank). But now it is twice in a row around 270. I suppose it's not a huge difference. This time bothered me more because I have only been driving freeway with it. We can push it 400 miles on the freeway. Ugh. Not that I drove it that much freeway - getting 400 miles form one tank only happens with big trips. But I am not thrilled to see the gas mileage drop either. I have no idea what that could signify (maybe someone has an idea of what would cause reduced mileage?). We had a service in between the 2 bad runs, so I can't say it's anything simple like oil or air filter - it didn't make any difference.

Anyway, used up our last grocery coupon - so filled the van with $2.60 per gallon. Phew!

We won't spend enough on groceries any time soon to get another gas coupon, but we haven't been driving much anyway. When dh is up to driving he will be up to bigger grocery runs. Need to spend $50 or $100 for the grocery store's gas coupons. I suppose it will work out. Heck, I'd have one more coupon but he gave it to his mom. Fair enough.


Later in the day I took the kids shopping.

At Target I got toothpaste with a $1.50-off coupon. I also stocked up on some pepsi, and bought a toy for the birthday boy. We had bought 3 of these pirate ships for like 75% off from Amazon a while back, and debated giving one of them to our neighbor at his party today. BUT, was already earmarked for other people, so I finally decided to go find something.

Struck gold with a super hero transformer toy thing. $30 full price - but on clearance for 1/2 off. Feel like we are on a roll. I love buying gifts that look way more expensive than they are. Big Grin


WE also picked up some groceries. Not all the thought, planning, and couponing that dh always puts into it. But I did go for the "old meat" that was 50 cents off (I am cooking it all this weekend anyway) and lucked out with a few sales. Phew.

I mostly got tomato sauce and meat. We didn't really need much - and I already stocked up on bread today...


I suppose my only frugal failure was that expensive gas. Ugh. Live and learn.

7 Responses to “Frugal Triumphs/Failures Today”

  1. sweetmama Says:

    I love buying nice gifts on sale too! Big Grin Makes me feel double good.

  2. thriftorama Says:

    When my gas mileage goes down, I get an oil change and that usually does the trick and gets it up again. I don't know if that will work for you, but it works with my 200k mile Honda!

  3. baselle Says:

    I wouldn't beat yourself up over the gas - ($3.05 - $2.93 = 12 cents over x 15 gallons = $1.80. Smile Next time!

  4. Jonesie Says:

    It could also be your tires. If the tire pressure is low, that impacts gas mileage.

  5. monkeymama Says:

    Actually - only 10 gallons - so less than that Baselle. Big Grin $1.20. Still sucks!

    No - oil change was just done (didn't help) and tires are maintained. (Were just filled with oil change anyway).

    Any other ideas?

  6. monkeymama Says:

    Okay - I double checked. Dh had a slow leak from way back. Too slow to bother with. SO, I just checked and that tire was down 10 pounds. If they really filled it with the oil change, then the leak has sped up, and that probably explains it.

    Will get the tire fixed... Glad it's probably something simple! (& nice to figure it out before I get a flat!)


  7. sweetmama Says:

    Do you need new spark plugs? Have your muffler/exhust system checked for any damage.

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