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Sitting Out Another Challenge...

February 5th, 2010 at 10:48 pm

Because it's not challenging? Big Grin I will eat in 28 days, easy, this month. So again, not really playing along. (Not tracking things that I would do regardless - no real benefit for me).

But I didn't post this just to be snotty. I did want to say that I think Fern's challenges are GREAT! & I do look forward to see what is next. I think it's realistic to try to set a new frugal goal every month (or every few months, or year, etc., etc). Once you master one frugal habit, it is time to acquire another. This is what I like about the challenge - focusing on some new frugal habits every month.

I am just a very "one at a time" person. So the approach appeals to me. I can only make one life altering change at a time, personally. Not like I can make 20 goals in one year and do well at any of them. I'd rather just set one new goal every year - slow and steady wins the race.


I redeemed another $250 from Chase. I suppose this means I will remain a Chase customer for a while longer.

Sad thing is with all the medical bills this month, I am almost a quarter of a way to another $250, already. Yikes!

Dh already sold off $50 in Wii accessories, so between the 2 windfalls, that recoups the $300 Wii we bought for his mom. (He's got another $50 or so of unwanted games to sell, too, from the purchase).

I was going to use the $250 reward check for taxes, but since I am opening a regular IRA in the end (for work reasons), I whittled my tax liability down to $0.


This weekend I need to gas up the cars (haven't for weeks?), get some groceries, and buy a birthday present. I rarely buy anything, and since dh is laid up, it has been a long no-spend record.

His mom has been driving the kids to/fro school (& has been picking up things like milk/bread/fruit). I suppose dh does more driving than I realize - since I find it unreal I haven't gotten gas in so long!

& I don't need much from the store - some toothpaste and some salad? Big Grin Dh already bought food (in January) for 4 meals I need to cook this weekend.

I suppose it is possible that we will save a large chunk on groceries and gas this month. Then again - will probably end up going to childcare. So maybe it will even out. But the expenses have been much more manageable than I imagined. Phew. I suppose March may shift the other way. Will see...


Oh yeah - don't remember why but applied for some Transunion Settlement about 2 years ago??????? I saw my receipt rather recently and rolled my eyes about how I never heard anything.

Anyway, today I was able to redeem the settlement - 9 months of credit monitoring. OF course, due to the ID Theft Alert on my credit, they have to mail me some code.

In the interim, I had actually signed up for Credit Karma. It is free and gives me enough information to know if something isn't quite right. (Has a FAKO score, and tells you how many accounts you have, inquiries, etc. Any change to these numbers and they send me an alert. Which is better than nothing - and much better than waiting to check once every 4 months). So, I have enjoyed that free service. I keep forgetting to mention.

I had signed up dh for the settlement too (& Credit Karma), but I think we have switched e-mails so many times since, not sure he will be able to redeem his so easily. I just got an e-mail notification to an old e-mail I still use. I'll have to tell him to keep an eye out for it, and that it is legit.

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