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Financial Update

January 29th, 2010 at 10:36 am

I popped some advil and went back to sleep last night. Wouldn't you know, my ear feels fine now? BUT, I do have a doctor appointment late in the day. Guess they were slammed - lucky to get in at all. Would just figure if it's all cleared up by then. Either that - or should I call advil the miracle cure? I assumed it would help with both the pain and swelling. I suppose they say like 25% of all infections are viral anyway. If all I have to do is sleep sitting up... I have been fine since getting up this morning.

Will see what the doc says. I am wearing a face mask to the doctor's office - that is for sure. & will wash my hands thoroughly on my way out. Sometimes it feels like a vicous cycle. I always seem to pick up something at the hospital, etc.

That being said, I haven't seen my doctor since 2005. I remember because I thought I had a bladder infection right after giving birth. I remember not liking the doctor, and I never switched. I am stuck with him today. He was fine - just an older male, hard to understand. Wanted a female at the least. I will put that on my to do list, and feel lucky to see any doctor, today.

I will laugh if it is a false alarm - since last time was. I generally don't get infections, period. If I feel one coming gone, it's gone by the time I get to the doctor. Was last time, anyway. Feels the same this time.


I peeked at the credit card. Ugh! Not sure why it was so high. Then I thought through all the stocking up that dh did these last weeks.

Then again, lots of medical charges too. Pretty much all there was since the weekend. Pharmacy, pharmacy, pharmacy. Doctor appointment, doctor appointment, doctor appointment. Repeat repeat repeat.

I decided that by the time I transferred all the medical portion from "medical savings" I Was about breakeven for the month. I do have 5 more days until my credit card closes, but the cars are gassed up and the house is FILLED with food. & we all feel too crappy to do anything but stay home. I see an easy No-Spend-Week ahead.

I suppose that has been another cost savings - with MIL driving the kids around and such. Being home sick from work too - means no gas being bought.

I do have to run and get some normal bread while I am out. MIL has been torturing the kids with some god awful whole wheat bread. They don't mind wheat bread - just not the really intense wheat stuff. I had heard children don't digest it as well. So, will get them (& me) some normal bread. As I choked down the bread yesterday I decided I had bigger things to worry about. Had to suck it up. But I look forward to filling the house back up with normal food... In the end, this may be my biggest complaint about MIL. We are just kind of middle of the road/moderation types. & the fact is, compared to the average American, we eat EXTREMELY well. MIL is a health nut/health fad type. So it's kind of scary to see our cabinets filling up with her weird crap. I must save the children! LOL. I mean - if I could sum up her philosophy - "if it doesn't taste like sand, it's not good for you." That's how I would qualify it. Plus, not a fan of artificial sweeteners, artificial butter, and stuff like that. I'd rather just have a conservative helping of the real stuff. Yeah, that's where I draw the line. At least we have plenty of BUTTER. LOL. Reminds me, I should buy some mayo while I am out. Ugh, last time she bought me mayo it was awful. We suffered through it rather than toss it. I can't do that again... This time will send her home with her nasty food. Wink

& really, it's one thing if she thinks the adults should eat like this. But the kids have extremely high metabolisms. I mean - they need some fat in their diet!!! & Some sugar??? Though I got to hand it to them - the kids are good sports...

4 Responses to “Financial Update”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I do hope your ear issue is nothing...can't help but think it could be a sympathy pain for your DH since he is now deaf in one ear. Take care...and don't forget to relax!

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    glad your ear started feeling better - hope you're on the mend

  3. whitestripe Says:

    a lot of those artifical sweeteners are really bad for your heart - i wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole. if you're going to drink soda, just drink it already! it's going to be bad for you no matter what!

    someone left some diet fizzy drink in our fridge from a party in November, and I just chucked it out last week, neither DF or I had used any of it, even in the times when we wanted a fizzy drink and there was none other than that!

    my mother is one of those fad health nuts. she's always trying to get me to buy some concoction (plant minerals, capsules, internal cleansers... you name it) and if i ever have a health complaint, it's because i don't take x, y or z.
    (and of course, if she ever has a health complaint, it's because she's eaten white wheat bread or chocolate - oh no, wouldn't be the bottle of wine and packet of cigaretts you had AFTER that, would it?)
    no thanks, i'll have a salad and let my body take care of itself. it seems to be doing fine, dare i say much better than hers!?

  4. monkeymama Says:

    The FUNNIEST thing - MIL has been sneaking my junk food. My pizza and my ice cream disappeared!! Dh told me it was her - LOL!!!! I just never would have guessed...

    I told the kids not to drink MIL's syrup because it is "poison." Hope I don't get in trouble for that one. But, blech. I have to remember to send her home with her crap - we will trash it before we eat all that fake fat and fake sugar.

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