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Thoughts for a Monday...

December 15th, 2009 at 02:33 am

A few things bouncing around my mind - I suppose a lot in to reaction of forums posts of late, etc.


Out of curiosity, I checked the name brand of our mattress. IT is "Origins." If you look it up, it looks like a pretty mid-range price brand, but my mattress is heavenly.

I was curious because there was talk in another blog about mattresses lasting 10 years. Interestingly, mine is 10 years old, and comfortable as ever. It hardly seems near the end of its life. Then again, our rule of thumb is generally to keep things twice as long as they should be (or to use 1/2 the recommended amount, etc., etc.). Not that the "twice" rule would work on a mattress, but I wasn't going to throw out my most treasures possession because it was 10 years old.

Anyway, it looks like most/all the "Origins" mattresses, today, are warranted for 20 years. I am not surprised! (& am somewhat relieved to expect another 10 years from our mattress).

In my search for the tag - I told dh we should probably give it a flip. I am quite sure we haven't rotated it since we last moved 8 years ago. The mattress did feel a little more firm last night (less cushy and comfortable) but I slept well and had no aches and pains, so I presume I should just grin and bear it. (Usually I just melt into it, and sleep like a baby). Dh said he thought the bed looked higher, after the flip. No doubt it has less sag on the other side!

I don't know how we ended up with this mattress. We were kind of going cheap, BUT anything under $1k-ish was a little too crappy for our taste (it is a Cali King), so we just went with one in the $1k-ish range - a mattress that was on deep discount. I am glad to see it should last 20 years, because I don't think I could sleep without it. I would buy the same brand again - for next time.



I think my car strategy has taken a bit of a detour. Our strategy is to always pay cash for our cars. We both paid $10k-ish for our last cars, so we figured we could afford $20k-ish for the next round. (Our first cars were in the $1k range, etc.)

I am not sure this plan will come to fruition.

One problem is we have greatly reduced our income, and taken a big financial detour, since having kids. I am trying to build up some savings for things like our next car purchases, but I seen to end every year somewhere around $0.

Part of the problem is we assumed buying more expensive cars would mean less repairs, and that they would last longer. The interesting thing is that dh's car was actually more in the $8k range, but it was pretty new. The car is by far the best car we have ever bought - lowest maintenance, etc. So, we should be well on our way, right??? Thing is, my vehicle sucks. I have meditated on it, since we have talked much about chucking it and making an even trade for something else. The thing is that there really isn't anything mechanically wrong with the car, and it's not horrible. I am just not used to really having much in repairs, and since it is so "modern" it has a lot more stuff in it that can go wrong. Whereas, our old clunkers of yore were just very basic and never had much to them. (The computer is what regularly has problems, in the van).

Anyway, the van has cost us a lot of money we should be saving for our next car. But, more to the point, saving $20k per car one income isn't exactly cutting it, while saving $10k per car on two incomes was easy peasy. I suppose if we could put off our next car purchases until dh is working again, then it's all kind of moot. But I have the feeling we will be going for one more round of modest cars, when all is said and done. We no doubt chose more time with our kids, and slower lifestyles, over more expensive cars. Nothing I will complain about.

Dh's vehicle is a 2001 Ford with about 110k miles. My biggest fear right now is if it is totaled. It is not insured for replacement value, because it is "worthless" (worth less than the deductible, in the end). I suppose the premature demise of the car would be an "emergency" and we could buy something similar to replace it (similar as when we bought it in 2002 - a $10k-ish vehicle). Though if it lasts a few more years (which I have no doubt it will, otherwise) replacing it with a newer/more upscale vehicle may be possible. Dh really wants a Prius. I don't care, if we have the cash. I just refuse to finance a car when there are perfectly good alternatives we could pay cash for. (I know he would be happy with a $10k-ish car if something happened to the car, say tomorrow. We both agree that we have to be doing pretty darn well to sink money into a Prius. Though my first car was a Toyota, and I sing it's highest praises for lasting so long, the truth is dh's car will easily last as long though it only cost a fraction, new. With time I am less impressed with "brand name").

I also thought it was likely that dh would end up with a Yaris as a compromise (he likes small cars) BUT I have seen a few in our neighborhood lately - and they are smaller than I care for. Dh's current vehicle may be "small," but it has a lot more buffer on the front, and back (where the kids sit). It actually has a fairly decent trunk, and we don't mind it for long drives. I don't think Yaris can boast the same - it's uber tiny! But I suppose there are plenty of more roomy subcompacts to be had in the $10k range.

Kind of where we are on the car thing. I wouldn't be surprised if we trade the van in (even trade) for something else older and more reliable, in the end. For now, it is behaving itself. It's actually been pretty good this year - but for me smashing it into a pole!



I suppose it is time I get into the 21st century.

It started with dh getting a few texts here and there, with craigslist sales and such. We figured, a cost of doing business... (Verizon charges 20 cents a text). Then some of my friends would text me once in a blue moon...

But, it's escalating. I now have 3 friends who regularly text me. I decided that I should see what our options were. BEcause, though I haven't seen the point before, it's not necessarily worth alienating my few treasured friends, in the name of not paying for texting.

I am pleased with the answer. If we all wanted to text on our family plan, it could get pricey. But if it's really just me, I can get 250 texts per month, for $5/month. I think I can handle that.

For now, if I stay under 25 texts per month, I stay under the $5. That 20 cents per text is steep, but a small price to pay, I suppose.

I sent 2 texts in the last month - my first 2. I guess I am getting with the times!

To tell the truth, the texts have all come in handy. I Was trying to meet a friend and my voice mail was full, so she texted me to tell me so. I have texted her on other occasions where calling wasn't as useful. Today I Was meeting a friend for lunch, chatting on the phone with someone else, and she texted me to tell me she was running a bit late. It was nice that I didn't have to hang up my phone call and check my voice mail, etc. I can see the usefulness in it.

Though until I get a keyboard on my phone, I don't see a LOT of texting in my future.


I talked to my mom today and she is sending me the check. Though I still won't get too excited until I receive it?

We also received $110 in the mail today, from a grand relative. I had forgotten they usually send us money - color us spoiled.

I feel like a weight has been lifted from over-spending this weekend. I got a "get out of jail free" card. Big Grin Which means - I will learn nothing? Hehe.


In other news, dh has arranged a rock climbing date with BM (his one pre-op wish). His friend works at one of those places - so it is free. No complaints here. The funny thing is BM thinks he is a monkey, so he will probably LOVE it. Literally, he has to TOUCH and CLIMB everything he sees. Luckily, with age, he shows a little more caution and fear. He used to scare the hell out of me when he was little.. I think indoor rock climbing will be an excellent outlet for him.


I almost forgot that I have awesome news!!! MIL talked with a couple of people who have used our referred surgeon, and guess what, they had good things to say! (Doh!) So she is getting more optimistic.

Won't it be ironic if she likes the surgeon, and we don't? Stranger things have happened.

But seriously? What are we? Chopped liver? Are we idiots? I've told her the same - in one ear and out the other. I had the feeling she just didn't care - not like it's rocket science to track down this doc's reviews and patients, etc. So I am relieved she is considering some vein of logic in all this.

6 Responses to “Thoughts for a Monday...”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    it was me that said the 10 year thing Big Grin that's what the sales lady told us when we were in the shop, and df had heard it before too. but our mattress was about 18 years old before we replaced it and it is now in the guest room Big Grin i don't exxpect to replace ours for over 10 years, partly because it was a sales lady that told us that, and partly because we are very lazy about those sorts of things (I mean, we still haven't even fixed our stove...)

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I was like you MonkeyMama with the texting ... didn't really see the point .. maybe texted 5 or 6 times in a year.

    Then I got the iPhone. Gulp. The first couple months I was under the 200 limit ($5/mo plan) but this past month, I was 199 texts over + $19.99 extra. It is pretty likely that this month will be just as bad. So, I'm most likely going to up my plan to the 1500/mo for $15. The touch keyboard just makes it *too* easy to text - plus a couple people I text have unlimited plans, so think nothing of sending five or six texts consisting of one or two words, or just a smiley.

  3. Petunia Says:

    "(Usually I just melt into it, and sleep like a baby)"

    This sounded like how I now sleep. I googled your mattress. I think we just got something similar. I love, love, love it - it's like sleeping on a cloud. I think we paid a bit more than you did though, LOL. But after three (!) years of discussions about it with Mr H it was past time.

    Our old mattress was 16 years old. . . I think I could feel the springs poking into my hips every night. . . I wasn't sorry to see it go.

  4. campfrugal Says:

    I just invested in a mattress set. It has a 10 year warranty, although I am not planning on spending money on a mattress set anytime soon or even after my warranty is up. I like to buy quality so I can get every bit of use out of it I can. I hang on to things/items forever. I find that maintenance and care is the key to keeping investments for a long period of time.

    My Jeep is a 2001 and only has 118,000 miles on it and in great condition.

    And, that sweater dress I invested in 17/18 years ago is back in style; and it still looks great; and I can still fit into it (LOL).

    I have had the same set of white dishes for the past 20 years. They are now getting cracked and worn and I will probably be looking into some new dishes come 2010.

    As for the texting, I just started that in the last couple months myself. That is how my 15 year old likes to stay in touch with me. It has been fun.

  5. John DeFlumeri Jr Says:

    Some phone companies have unlimited texting for 20 to 25 a month.

    John DeFlumeri Jr

  6. monkeymama Says:

    I also see all my friends with older kids texting a LOT so figure there is more texting in my future. Hope the costs are down by then. Paying for cell service + $25/month to text whenever, just seems so insane. We protest on principle. Big Grin Though I am sure we will probably re-evaluate our plans carefully once the kids enter the mix. We've got some time...

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