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Various Updates...

November 8th, 2009 at 10:16 am

**Financial Update: Dh was surprisingly on board with hoarding cash for 2010. We both know if the market dips that we will be snatching up cheap stock though. I guess in the end it's rather win-win. Either we get in a strong cash position, or we buy more cheap stocks, in 2010.

**Another amazing TV purchase deal has been spotted by my dh. He didn't bring it up as though he wanted to buy it - more just at amazement at lower and lower HD prices.

Dh could have maybe talked me into it before our cash account started to reverse directions. Instead, I told him that these deals were starting to become rather common and I was pretty sure he would find an amazing TV deal between now and January. We discussed our cash position and decided to wait another year, as originally planned, no matter what. Will see if dh can stick to his guns. I can't say how it will pan out. I won't sweat getting a steal on a planned purchase, by jumping a bit early. Cash allows that luxury. BUT, I am getting the feeling the same deals will be had next year too. & I rather wait.

**I finished demolition in the bathroom and believe that next weekend I will be able to get our bathroom in full working order.

Will see!

I have second guessed myself much, like if I have ruined the bath and if we will need a professional after all. If I felt I had the means, I would hire someone to completely redo our baths. This is just a bandaid for now. No complaints about our home builder at all, but for the standard baths. We upgraded just about everything else. If I had known the crappy job they'd do on the standard baths, we would have upgraded those too and saved some money and headaches. The upgrades were mere pennies compared to ripping out and starting over.

Anyway, I am hoping my hard work will delay impending repairs for a few more years.

Once the bath is working I can do the much more minor repairs in the kids' bath. I know that one is an easier, longer lasting bandaid at least. But the use of our private shower would be nice too!

**In other news, my dad has been officially laid off from his job, post-stroke. He tried to return to work many months ago, and his employer clearly was trying to get him to quit in the meantime. Very frustrating, but paperwork has been signed as of last week. Officially laid off. His stroke was in May, and I believe he tried to return to work in September. Maybe they have only been dancing around it for 2 months, but it feels like it has been forever!!!!

With employers like these, who needs enemies? They treated him terribly. The worst was they fought him every step of the way - messing with stock options, COBRA, and everything in the process. Changing the rules as they went along. FINALLY, they hired a lawyer. The stress was the last thing he needed, but hell if he would quit and let them win, either. He wanted his job back!!!! Now he is eligible for unemployment, when his disability payments expire.

He's been job hunting best one can while still employed. Self survival - he would have quit if he found a job.

We are wary. His brain function is not quite 100%. Returning to his old job would have been far easier to test the extent of his disability. Now he will have to test his performance at a new job - which is rather scary.

Of course, the flip side is that he may never find another job.

My extremely financially prepared parents have been extremely zen of late. Initially they were hit with panic as my dad's employment evaporated before them. Not sure if he will ever work again - how scary! As prepared as they were, this wasn't exactly in the plans.

I think time and even moreso, facing their mortality, has changed their tune a bit. I really can't explain it. I am glad they aren't stressing though - I don't think they need to. Social security is only 40% or so of their income - and would pay all their bills at their prior lifestyle level, which was plenty nice. The reward for living well below one's means. Not to mention being amply insured, and having hit the poverbial lottery with their personal residence. That's a heck of a lot of insurance in itself. I am glad they have relaxed - I am sure they will be fine.

My dad is a workaholic. Lord willing, he will work many more years - he doesn't want to retire. But I think he is also accepting the possibility of retirement a little better now.

**In terms of our own health, dh and I have been noticing a lot more patterns in LM and are starting to feel that the asthma diagnosis is probably more than just a passing guess. We have suddenly noticed how exercise and allergens send off his coughing fits. I am sure we will have more doctor appointments as we explore exactly what all this means.

**Dh's general doctor called him after talking to the neurologist. I figured that was kind of done, but she sent dh for a hearing test. He one done as recently as last year, as they followed up from his last spell of hearing loss. The hearing tech (for lack of a better word) was very informative. Mentioned brain tumor actually. Said, the hearing loss was not characteristic with a tumor (it had returned to his "normal" of a year ago - but still had some strange characteristics noted a year ago). The tech or whoever he met with said they would refer him back to his ear/nose/throat doctor and would not be surprised if that doctor recommended a MRI to be on the safe side.

I could flip a coin. We have the cash and I certainly don't mind being on the safe side. So we will see if we hear any more on that. If not, I am confident that it is not warranted.

5 Responses to “Various Updates...”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    That stinks that your father's employer laid him off like that. But it is good that they are in a good financial place where it doesn't hit them too hard. Was his job something that he could possibly parlay into some kind of home business?

  2. monkeymama Says:

    Actually, my distaste for self employment comes from my dad. I think he rather retire. Big Grin

    Thing is he was only working for the health insurance at this point. He had been considering retirement otherwise. So I don't think he would bother with that. He has a lead on some part-time consulting with a consulting firm that provides benefits and does all the "employer" stuff. I think that would be perfect to bridge the gap. He's not eligible for social security for 5 years or medicare for 8 years - too young.

    Full-time work is probably too stressful at this point - in his field - too stressful.

  3. homebody Says:

    I'm only 5 years younger than your dad by my calculations and were are in no where near the shape your parents are. DH and I decided to hoard cash in 2010 and thus my committment to not buy any new clothes or anything for the year. Should we start a challenge?? Ha Ha.

    Good thoughts to your parents.

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Ah, okay. Smile The consulting idea sounds like it might be a good avenue for him then.

  5. Broken Arrow Says:

    I'm hoarding cash too. Like yourself, I needed to buff up cash anyways, from putting so much of it into stocks earlier, when they were low. Now, I will either replenish the cash level, or if there's a dip again, be ready to buy some more. Big Grin

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