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SanwichThins - Yum!

October 23rd, 2009 at 05:08 am

Fiber optic internet has been useful. I downloaded Quicken to my new Netbook today. It turns out I needed to remember my Quicken login, and it took a while to track it down. But, phew, I did.

Anyway, I asked dh how long it would take to download (quoted something like 20 minutes DSL/10 minutes cable). Before dh could answer it was done. Um, ONE SECOND? Sweet!

Um, so it is like 1000 times faster than DSL??? (I've downloaded some small things since the switch, but nothing like this).

I spent the evening setting up my skype account and testing it out. Quicken was a breeze to set up. Phew!!!

I never felt comfortable keeping all my financial data on my laptop so I have the data stored elsewhere. Perfect in this case, since the Netbook is so small and portable. Don't worry - I won't cart around all my financial data with it!

ETA: Dh checked the specs on my laptop, and this machine is slightly better. Hard to imagine something so small can be more powerful.


In other news, I couldn't tell you how much these cost in the stores because mine were free. Big Grin

But, oh my, did I mention how yummy the Oroweat Sandwichthins are? & no I am not a health nut, so the health nuts can pick it apart. I grabbed them because I thought they almost looked like panini. I didn't expect them to be so good!

Text is and Link is

We got the multi-grain one.

I did eat one with my egg salad recipe. I think I have been eating them completely plain otherwise. Haven't even tried toasting it yet. Because they taste so good! I am sure they would be great with many food stuffs. Dh was going to whip up some hummus for the weekend - these will be perfect with it.

8 Responses to “SanwichThins - Yum!”

  1. John DeFlumeri jr Says:

    I am always interested in snacks! thanks, Monkey Mama!

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    FIOS can be crazy fast. As much as 5 to 8 times faster than cable and DSL.

    However, results may vary on a number of factors. The real test is to run it through a bandwidth tester such as I'd be curious as to what you're getting in terms of real bandwidth.

    Personally, I'm using DSL, and really, it's fast enough for me. Nothing on YouTube can slow it down, and HD videos only takes a few seconds to get ready but runs smoothly. Netflix takes about 10 seconds to buffer up and get ready, but that's not a problem for me either. Again, smooth playback.

    Unfortunately, my neighborhood does not have FIOS available, but I suppose that's just as well since they also tend to cost more per month. Anyways, I'm perfectly happy with my DSL.

    Me jealous? NAAAAh ok maybe a little. Big Grin

  3. monkeymama Says:

    That's the thing BA - I agree on the DSL. We had a slow speed and worked for most anything we'd need. But the downloading feels literally hundreds of times faster. That is pretty sweet! (Everything else is about the same as always for us). My spouse does a lot of video uploading and stuff though. Just the first time *I* REALLY appreciated it!

    We got 13 Mb/s (per your website).

  4. homebody Says:

    Our new staple in the freezer, Sandwich Thins. We get them at Costco. They are really yummy with the salmon patties and mango chutney also from Costco!

  5. Broken Arrow Says:

    Yikes, MM! Is it me or is it hot in here? I feel funny. Big Grin

    My DSL gets 5.8.

  6. monkeymama Says:

    BA - we had 1.5 Mb/s with DSL, which was ample for just about everything.

    But our current service is 10 times as fast. Surewest offers up to 50/Mbps.

  7. monkeymama Says:

    Cheryl - great tip on the Thins - freezing is a good idea - and good to know they are at Costco too.

    If they are still free when I go by Saturday, I will stock up! (I'll stock up on more tea to earn more free bed).

  8. Analise Says:

    I will have to try the wheat Sandwichthins next trip to Costco. These will be good for my dh who is diabetic.

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