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It's HOT!

September 20th, 2009 at 02:42 pm

I noted on Baselle's blog the other day that I am not very observant, and so rarely find change. (That, and the short ones are always looking for it anyway - they would find anything before me).

So I was overly proud of myself when I spotted a penny in the Water Park's wave pool yesterday. Big Grin A strange place to find a penny. Approximately $60 spent for a day at the park. One penny found. Woohoo! (The kids found a penny last time too - but think it was elsewhere).

You know you have been on the SA blogs too long when a penny can bring such great satisfaction. Wink


We put off our final 2009 season Water Park visit to yesterday (last weekend opened) and it worked out perfectly. We had a REALLY nice day.

For one, the place was practically empty. Though the weather has been hot, it wasn't so bad yesterday. IT was pretty darn nice. HAving most of the park to ourselves was rather unexpected, but VERY nice!

I am looking, at it was 91. It felt more like 80 degrees. Was just a nice, warm day. Since LM couldn't ride any of the slides at our location, we didn't do much. We floated down the lazy river endlessly. The parking is more expensive at our location ($10) and we bought a $8 snack to pass the time a bit. (Yes, *choke choke*). Thus, though we broke down each visit to $40 (not bad for 4 of us) we had quite a bit more extra expenses than usual.

But we will definitely get season passes next year and take more advantage as the kids grow and can do more. I (& BM) much prefer the San Jose location, so we will plan more trips there as well. Dh and BM can hit this park more often on their own - since BM can ride everything.


I've been having hot flashes. I figured I Was too young for this. Wink The other night I resisted the urge to turn on the air, and woke up on the cold side later, so was glad I Resisted. The first time "hot flash" crossed my mind.

Last night was terrible. LM woke me up around midnight and I was just sweating and miserable. I didn't even care, I turned on the air. IT was just that bad.

It couldn't have just been me. The air turned on for a LONG time to cool the upstairs back down to 78. Usually it's enough to set it to 78 just before bed, and turn it off for the night. I was too tired to turn on a light and see how hot it had gotten. But, yeesh! It felt like it was 85 or something.

Weather forecast is literally 100-degrees for much of next week. What the heck???? Extremely unusual. But the weather has not been usual lately, that is for sure.

This weekend would no doubt be our summer "last hoorah" (& lucky to have such pleasant weather so late in September). BUT, we still have our beach getaway coming up in a couple of weekends. & plenty of summer weather remains here.


I actually sold something for money!!! The kids' tricycle sold yesterday, for $15. I knew that one would sell closer to christmas, if nothing else.

My other listing expires tomorrow. I listed that one a handful of times over the last year. I will donate it if it doesn't sell. There is a lot more interest at my rock bottom price, but only interest comes from major flakes! Figures. One lady was really pushy, and then just didn't show up because "she slept in." & that was a few days ago - still never showed. Dh has had enough with helping me sell these things!


De-cluttering has been going quite well.

I switched to de-clutter mode when I had my kids. NEsting kind of takes over, and also, they took a lot of my storage space. That was when I discovered freecycle (which is ingenious)! So many things that would have gone to the trash, otherwise.

We cleaned out the garage last year (There really wasn't much), but some of the items I am getting around to were found in that cleanup. It's about time.

DH has a lot of space in the house (2 rooms for his electronics and such). I don't know if he will ever get around to cleaning some of that out. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess. It's funny because he can be so anal about the rest of the house though. But lord help me if I suggest he clean up his own room. Wink

Which pretty much means, I only have one more area to hit - the Master Closet. IT's big, and a I have a lot of crap in there. I haven't been very motivated. Fall often motivates me to de-clutter, so I am trying to get myself in the spirit to work on it while the family is in Florida for a week.

I've gone through and gotten rid of some of the obvious. Off the top of my head, I have a pile of CDs that dh will probably work on selling (any worth value anyway). They have been replaced by MP3s. Others I will have dh put onto my Mp3 player. I need to go through and prioritize what I really want to keep, etc.

I've done a few passes over the clothes. Could probably do some more. Thankfully, I don't have much of a "skinny clothes syndrome." Most of my adulthood has been "underweight" or "barely overweight." Not much in between. Since I have no desire to be underweight again, the "skinny clothes" are long gone. As they should be!


Of course we are going on a bike ride today! Yay!

The heat will make us leave far earlier than we would have otherwise. Blech.

Ready to try out our bike locks and my new bike computer on my favorite ride. Though we will cut it short with the hot weather probably.

I usually look SO forward to fall as I HATE the summers here. But this year I definitely felt we made the most out of summer. It was also on the mild side, which helped immensely. So I find I don't look forward to fall as much as usual. But I know I will enjoy it! Once it comes down below 90 degrees?


More important than giving blood is probably convincing others. I have a friend who "got out of the habit" about 18 years ago when having children, and who lives down the street from the blood bank. So I talked her into it! & dh doesn't seem too opposed, though I will have to make sure he actually goes (blood drive next week which should work).

I am going to bring up to another friend who lives by the blood bank. Not sure what her response will be!

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  1. baselle Says:

    Eating a bit of soy is helping me out with the hot flashes, and now my sister is complaining about hers (I'm 47, she just turned 46). Doesn't take a lot - 4-5 oz of tofu seems to be enough.

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