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Freecycle Update

September 17th, 2009 at 02:51 pm

Well, the weekend was a much better time to freecycle. BUT, yesterday I got rid of some old CD storage (4 pieces) AND my giant bed!!!! So, took 3 days from listing Monday.

So the garage is now cleared out a bit. Might not look like much, but we were able to put a couple of bikes back where the bed was. (Guess the bed pieces were stacked sideways). Plus, all those garbage bags are just bottles and cans to recycle. We can move some more of that stuff out of the way and make room for the rest of the bikes (dh's and BM's bikes, etc.).

Dh wants to get some storage for the bikes. For the long run, I think it's a good idea. For the short run? Hardly a priority!

So, the bed... It was my childhood bed. My parents are really into large, fancy waterbeds. Thing is I have always had a large bedroom. I pulled out a picture of it assembled in my old rental, and I appreciate how LARGE my room was. (I rented a room in a house throughout college, the bed looked small in that room!). & I had a fairly large room when I lived at home. But these modern houses go big on the kitchens and the Master Bedrooms (our Master closet is as big as a bedroom). They really scrimped on the rest of the bedrooms. So, though I have been holding onto this bed for all this time (for my future child), it didn't seem very practical once the kids did arrive, and their rooms filled with other furniture. The bed has probably been sitting in the garage since we set up LM's nursery and moved BM into my "room," in 2005. It used to serve as a guest bed. BM has since claimed the mattress that was in the bed.

It's a nice piece of furniture though, and I tried briefly to sell for a few dollars. But I give up. My parents would be upset if they knew I gave it away, but really, who wants a GIANT piece of furniture? I don't even have any of the waterbed parts any more. I have used just with a regular mattress since I have always live in a split level since moving out of my folks' home. It's just too heavy and not practical to use as a waterbed in an upstairs room.

I am glad someone took it who seemed appreciative. I had people interested in using the wood for other things, which made me sad. Though I did just want it gone. But the guy who picked it up was down on his luck and needed some furniture. I hope it gets some good use!


I have succeeded in some major declutter. Bike, bed, old telescope (missing parts, or I'd keep!), and CD storage.

I have a kid item that I think will sell closer to Christmas, if not now. The other item is going to get donated if it doesn't sell soon. I paid a lot of money for it, but it is unique enough that no one is particularly interested. I will re-list one last time at $10. But I give up. At this point it's just about my pride. !! I've listed it a few times at lower and lower prices... *sigh*


In the garage, we still have a large "coffee table" that doesn't take up much room. The legs are off and it is propped against the wall.

I am not sure what we will do with it. Moved it when kids were walking (Was a hard wood - worried about bumped heads - and took up a lot of room anyway). I don't know if dh wants to put it back in the house now - will have to discuss.

That table brings back memories. One of the only furniture items that we bought new, together. I would say the main reason our house is filled with hand-me-downs is because we don't value spending a lot of money on furniture. As long as it is functional, and not hideous, could care less about the rest. & when we were younger people always gave us nice/used furniture. BUT the important second factor is that we can not AGREE on anything!!!!

Our sectional was a compromise I have grown to hate (never really liked the colors), and the table in the garage took a long process of "fighting" to agree upon. I like the table, at least. The more I think about it, the more I think it will stay in the garage a while. The family room is the kids' playroom. I am now recalling we agreed it was best to keep it in the garage until the kids outgrow "playroom age." They jump all over the furniture in that room and everything, anyway. Probably for the best. IT will be nice to take it out of retirement someday, though.


I gave blood, and survived.

I've probably gained 50 pounds since I last gave blood. & seriously, mostly good pounds. I was always told I had good/easy veins, but yesterday was a little different. I am not convinced I have changed. My arms are skinny as can be. BUT I lucked out and got a new nurse - LOL. I was scared spitless. She looked very carefully at my left arm and asked if she could use my right arm instead. Seriously? What happened to my great veins? That was the point I got scared.

I am always told I have great veins and rarely even feel the needle. & though I haven't given blood in a while, I have had blood tested more recently, etc. So I was scared at this point. She was very slow and cautious - clearly new at this. It hurt a bit, but nothing terrible.

So I can't help but wonder if it was more her or me. I am sure age and weight could obstruct my veins "a bit." Will see, next time.

I could care less about the freebies, but got a movie pass, and a soda, for my efforts. Big Grin The hard part was I had a long drive home. It was only a few miles from work, but far from any freeway. It seemed like it took forever to drive home, my arm was so sore immediately after.

The GPS also came in extraordinarily handy. Phew!

I just got a message about a blood drive in our community in a couple of weeks. I am trying to get dh to go to that. & if he gets a free movie ticket, maybe we can go on a date to celebrate our good deeds.

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  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Doesn't feel great to get rid of clutter?

    I'm like you - most of my furnishings have been hand me downs. (And now I've handed most of them out to other people Smile )

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