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Long Weekend

September 4th, 2009 at 09:08 pm

Not much planned here - for the weekend.

Dh picked up some watermelons for $1.47. We have been heavy on melons this summer - lots of great deals.


We have a historic section of the city that is always fun to visit. It's only a few minutes from our home.

Anyway, this weekend is Gold Rush weekend though, and grandma wants to visit and take the kids. Sounds pretty fun:

"Two hundred tons of dirt will transform this already rustic landmark heritage site into the appropriate mid-1850s California Gold Rush setting. Walking along the dusty trail, be prepared to witness a flurry of time-piece bands, costumed Wild West reenactors, horse-drawn carriages and Gold Rush activities for all ages — such as gold panning."

& if it's not a million degrees, we may ride the train too - free with our train museum membership. (LM is 100% train crazy!!)

Actually, the weather is supposed to be pretty darn nice!


Of course, I had been trying to plan a swim date for Saturday. We will try to squeeze it in - we invited my friend/kids' friend over for an evening swim and dinner.

Our pool historically closes after Labor Day, though I think now it stays open through September. I just don't remember, for sure. So we will pretend it is the last weekend, and get lot of swimming in.


I would like to go on a long big bike ride this weekend. Once I get a helmet. Will see.

I determined that BM is too big for his bike. The search is on for a 20-incher with gears. There are some around. But it may take a while to find an affordable/good one. We may peruse the stores this weekend and see what we can find. At least size him on it. He is like the bottom end of size for 20-inches, BUT he is about 4 inches too big for his current bike!

Finding a bike with gears will be the hard part. He is clearly ready though. & we will be a very even bike partner once he has gears. HE had to walk so much of our last ride because he couldn't possibly ride up some small hills on his cheapie kiddie bike.


Besides all that, not much planned. I look forward to a mostly lazy weekend!


Today I did my shopping spree. I guess it's a little akin to spending a paycheck. The credit card closed yesterday and I could put the month of August to bed. Phew! We put off a lot due to the spendiness of August - with the van door replacement in particular.

Dh went grocery shopping and bought some printer ink. (Um, the printer has needed ink for YEARS!)

I did my underwear shopping (sale, free shipping, 20% off final order).

I bought a new bike seat and looked at bike locks. I decided to buy a portable air pump and a bike "pedometer" for lack of a better word, because they were cheap/on sale. I ended up buying 2 bike locks. Free shipping on everything - everything on sale.

Our GPS does have a bike mode, but I rather carry around this $10 bike computer. I hadn't thought of it, but of course all the little gadgets pop up when you are buying bike supplies.

I was rather surprised to find the after school activity that BM wanted to do, was filled up and sold out. Didn't expect that at all, with the economy. Can't say I am sad to save $80 though. There is always next time.

On the school spirit clothing front, I think I was looking at bulk discount pricing by mistake. I perused everything today and it was too expensive for my blood.

I will stop by Target tonight and hopefully get a bike helmet. I want to try on before buying. I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent reviews on the brands Target carries. (Like, "My head got ran over by a car and this $20 helmet saved my head!"). Well, if they say so! I wrote down the highest rated ones.

Ideally, this weekend I will hit Marshalls for some workout clothing. Though I may put it off a bit. Online shopping is one thing. In store shopping is a PITA.

3 Responses to “Long Weekend”

  1. scfr Says:

    It sounds like a lot of fun - Enjoy!

  2. frugaltexan Says:

    A good helmet is definitely not something to skimp on. I don't have a helmet for bike riding, but after hearing some recent stories, I will be getting one before I go on my next bike ride. (my bike has been locked up on
    my porch for the last 3 1/2 years. Now that I'll be living in a house, I'll be able to actually use my bike again. ) I'll be very interested to hear what helmet you choose and what you think about it.

  3. monkeymama Says:

    I got a $20 helmet at Target. The brand was Bell. It was the same helmet that had the "my head got ran over by a car" review. IT was "Bell Adrenaline" I believe.

    I was all ready to splurge on a GOOD helmet and decided this would probably do. After reading up a bit, seems they make them pretty well (who knew?).

    Oh yeah - the reason I got it was because it was the only one that fit my head! LM may have gotten his BIG head from me. Big Grin Glad I bought that in person...

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