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Spending Spending Spending

September 2nd, 2009 at 02:15 pm

With the whole car repair thing, I am putting off expenses more than usual. Credit card closes Thursday. Friday I can go wild with September spending - yeehaw!

My list:

1) Bike helmet (had put off one month but decided I should buy a seat now since I am riding a lot. Fall is ideal biking weather).

2) School logo clothing (for workouts). May go workout clothe shopping this weekend. Need more/brighter clothes for bike riding.

3)Underwear - I was thinking I needed some more and Saw has free shipping and a big sale through Labor Day. Guess it's a good weekend to shop?

4)I have to pay for an extra curricular class for BM (he is all excited about it and I told him he could go if they still had spots on Friday).

That would be about it - not a HUGE list.

BUT, dh secured babysitting so I told him I am booking the hotel ASAP. !!!!

Wait a minute, I better wait until Friday. *sigh*

Anyway, what I totally forgot about is SCHOOL. I am still adjusting. Dh is staunchly opposed to taking BM out of school. I pretty much refuse to go on vacation if we can't leave Friday a.m. LOL. I will win. Womenly wiles will win. But either way, we came to the realization that the journey is going to be a large part of our weekend away. We better enjoy the journey and not just the destination. (It's only 10 hours of driving. Which is why we never make it there any more, living more up north!).

We may work out a compromise on the school, but we might have to drive 5 hours straight and leave later than I had planned. Which is why we better enjoy the journey. Will see!

I will fish out prices. The cost is coming out of savings anyway, so maybe I should jump while prices are good. I will check their last minute prices for this weekend to see how they compare...


What else is up this month? Probably some clothes shopping for BM. I guess it adds up fast!

Lord know what is on dh's list.

The cupboards are bare and usually he doesn't participate (when I ask him to hold off shopping a couple of days. He never listens). But he told me he was grocery shopping Friday. I am glad he is being nice this month. He realizes how spendy August was, I guess. I am unaccustomed to empty cupboards though. But it's doable.

5 Responses to “Spending Spending Spending”

  1. MomEsq Says:

    Thanks for the tip on! There are some coupon codes floating around the internet too. I always check before I buy anything. Enjoy the weekend!!

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Could you take BM to school on Friday, and have the babysitter pick him up afterwards? That way both you and your DH can be happy. Smile

  3. kimiko Says:

    hmmm...I took a look at and their sale prices on the items I want to buy is still higher than regular price in stores like Target.

  4. monkeymama Says:

    On the Hanes - probably not the lowest prices - just the best products and experience (saves me days of looking in the stores for the products I religiously buy). I buy specific underwear and bras through them - takes a minute.

    FT - that's the compromise we are looking for. But I think we will skip school (means we can get a 2-hour headstart the night before. We could probably talk MIL into staying overnight and watching the kids, but too much hassle since she usually babysits nieces Friday, etc., etc.)

  5. monkeymama Says:

    Kimiko - ah, quality over cost.

    I shopped around a bit online (you got me thinking) and I could not find my products in my size anywhere else. Other sizes cost more at Wal Mart. I could pick up something I don't like for cheaper, but don't see the point in that! ($10/bra isn't half bad for the quality).

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