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Weekend Roundup

August 24th, 2009 at 09:33 am

Weekend Successes:

*Lounged by the pool
*Went on a marvelous bike ride
*Did good deeds (volunteer work)
*Prepared LM's "student of the month" collage (was actually kind of fun).
*Prepared birthday Thank Yous (phew!)
*Changed e-mail address for what felt like 100 entities (all our financial institutions + every online account I could think of).
*YEsterday was cool enough, we didn't use AC. (I am starting to think thermal drapes do better in summer than winter. I had forgotten about those. Could be another reason why electric bill has shrunk).

Weekend Failures:

*I STILL haven't got my haircut. (Maybe tonight?)
*House still looks like a disaster.


On some levels the week is a lot easier. Work. Crash. Repeat.

Since I am not much of an evening person, I put off as much as possible to the weekends!


I was able to transfer BM's account to the "Target Retirement Fund" today. (Another good stock day!) Yay! I can go back to waiting for the market to fall to contribute money to stocks. Waiting for it to go up was very counter-intuitive!


Could be another week as a 1-car family. Bah!

It's not so bad, but I will sure be happy when both cars are in full working order again. WE are definitely spoilt.

Today is not so bad - I get the car since work is the only driving destination.

Tomorrow is a bit crazy with preschool, karate and aerobics. Without 2 cars, I don't get to go to aerobics. Frown

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