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Just a few things...

July 24th, 2009 at 01:33 am

Not much to report around here. Been a little quiet I guess. I have been out enjoying the nice weather! (The few days we got, anyway).


I just paid for karate for August. I remembered that since BM turned 6 I can now officially sign him up for the class he has been going to for months. I think it used to cost $30/month for the "baby class" and then went up to $35. Wasn't sure on the "big boy" class, but it was $60. Ugh. I just have to be glad he got such a discount for so long. Technically he can go study martial arts 3 nights a week - under this $60 plan. It's a bit out of the way, and that's not going to happen! Not any time soon!

IT will be far less of an issue once LM is done with preschool. For now, though I don't mind a $30 class here and there, but $60 is rather substantial.

I rather sign him up for piano lessons, personally. But, I can teach him that for free, for now.

We skipped lesson yesterday because the weather is too nice. I could tell last lesson he hadn't practiced all week. That's how that is going. (IT would be easier if someone else taught him). But I am still intent on seeing it through - and he enjoys it, at least.


I've been rather forgetful of late. I have to remember to submit my $50 Verizon rebate on my new phone. Only reason I got it was because it was "free." To be fair, I would have submitted it a while ago, but dh suggested I wait a while and make sure phone was okay. I have no idea what my rebate deadline is - will have to look.


I invested the kids' birthday money as of Tuesday I think. The stock market surprised me by continuing to rally. Interesting - glad I didn't buy any HIGHER! If it rallies any more I can convert the kids over to another fund (they are so close to the $3k minimum - both of them - for any other Vanguard fund). I would like to get them in something more aggressive - since they have time.

Will see!


Dh has been doing a lot of ebay selling, and we have a couple of things to sell on Craigslist (car seat and a trike).

IT was slow there for a spell, but things have picked up.

I have about $70 in the checking account today - not earmarked for anything (yet). All ebay money - but color that a miracle - I squeeze my checking account dry usually.

Anyway, school starts in less than 3 weeks. I expect a request any day for $$ for school supplies and field trip fees. So it will probably go fast. Besides writing a check to the school, I do not foresee any back to school shopping. I thought these stupid "uniforms" would be our financial undoing. But since my boys grow more up than out, and it's hotter than hades when school starts, he's fine with the shorts and everything. May need to stock up on warm clothes in September (his pants will no doubt be high waters by then). But all in all, it hasn't been so bad. Plenty of clothes remain for LM as well (what I always tell myself when I clothes shop - at least it's for TWO kids!)

For now, I get a break. Big Grin


How's that for a boring post?

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  1. BuckhornGal Says:

    Your posts are never boring. Thanks for reminding me about the school costs - milk, subs, trips, man, it adds up fast! I better get a plan together.

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