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Paid a Late Fee

July 8th, 2009 at 11:39 am

Not much to report. Getting back into the swing of things - enjoying the extreme slowness at work before 7/31 deadline work rolls in.

Over the weekend we got an automated phone call from Dish asking us to pay our bill.

Interesting. I had gotten an e-mail notice a couple of weeks prior and ignored it because I usually pay all the online bills (credit card utilities - cell, landline, dish, city) around the 10th of the month. So I just thought it was the regular bill and didn't look at it closer.

So I logged on and saw a $130 bill or so - knew that wasn't good.

I FORGOT to pay last month.

I dug deeper and saw a $5 late charge. Great! I guess we are lucky they didn't disconnect us. Big Grin I hear some of the utilities have been rather brutal lately.

I checked Quicken and sure enough, no June payment. Interesting.

Not sure why I forgot - doubt I will forget again.

On a whim I checked the city bill and hadn't paid that one either. Guess my brain was on vacation mode. The City one is understandable - I just switched that one over to credit card payments recently. Dish - lord knows what happened there. The city one still had time - so no late fees there.

When I Was on maternity leave my disability check was so random, I often paid a lot of my bills a few days late. (I had $$ in savings, but what a pain!). No one seemed to care. The only vendor who ever cared was Verizon - I know not to pay that bill a day late (same with the credit cards of course). Mortgage even gives us 15 days grace period, which I have taken much advantage of in years past. I was going to chalk Dish up to being a stickler (or maybe it's the economy) but realized that I had never paid a bill like a whole month late before. So I am not sure if Dish is a stickler or if it's just my extreme lateness. I guess it doesn't matter - don't plan to pay late again - for any reason. Big Grin

It kind of works out - boy that would have messed up our budget last month - we were down to the penny. Not sure it was worth the $5 though!

1 Responses to “Paid a Late Fee”

  1. JJ76 Says:

    OMG. I forgot our June bill (Dish) as well. lol, opened the bill yesterday and was a bit confused. that's funny. (well, not really, but still)

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