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Questions Answered

July 6th, 2009 at 10:39 am

I had a few questions on my last few posts. So here are some answers:

#1 - The bike I got at Wal Mart was a Schwinn Aluminum Comp



#2 - More questions on family camp.

Both of the family camps we tried were owned by cities we have lived in.

You do NOT have to live in that city to attend camp. You just pay a premium if you are not a resident. (Sacramento camp was a tad more expensive, so San Jose cost us about the same as non-residents. MEaning, non-resident fees can be pretty reasonable).

So, I would look and see what your city offers (google the name of your city + "family camp" or "camp."

We are from San Jose and they happen to own land right by Yosemite. Even though the facilities weren't as nice as Sacramento's, they were nice enough, and you just can't beat the location. I highly recommend it if you live in or near California.


Camp Sacramento is the one we went to this year. Their camp is near South Lake Tahoe.


I am sure there are also private "family camps" - I would assume the city ones are more affordable.

I searched a few other cities and found San Francisco also has a campground near Yosemite. Maybe it's more of a NOrthern California thing - I typed in a few So Cal cities and couldn't find anything...

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