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Life is Good!

June 29th, 2009 at 09:15 am

I had the BEST weekend. Just one of those weekends where I am so happy where my life has landed.

I also posted the other day about our relative who paid $600k+ for their home. I have mentioned before, but we know so many people who truly believe it is worth having a $500k+ mortgage to simply live in the Bay Area. After moving away about 8 years ago, dh and havn't quite *gotten* it in a LONG time. This was one of those weekends where I feel extra bad for those people. You think they are happy with those massive mortgages? We don't know any of them who are happy.

Anyway, it was literally 110 degrees yesterday. Obviously, I have acclimated.

So what was so great about yesterday?

BM and I went on a bike ride. We got a later start than I preferred. I Was kind of antsy to drive to some more of the bike paths, etc., but decided on its virgin run, to just stay in the neighborhood. Not sure how much I trusted the quality of the Wal Mart assembly of the bike. Wink We checked it over real good and checked the tire pressure, and off we went.

First, LOVED the bike.

Second, it was probably already 80+ when we went outside to ride, but it wasn't so bad.

We had a blast. The bad side is I am wondering if I should get BM a bike with gears now. I felt bad him working so hard on his bike, and mine was a breeze (I have 21 working gears now). Well, thoughts for another time.

Next time we will probably ride earlier (or later) in cooler weather. Wink

After the bike ride we went down to the pool. We didn't get there until 11. Again, later than I preferred. Not a lot of shade there. But knew it would feel refreshing. So we swam for about an hour.

I "sunbathed" in the shade and it wasn't too bad. We were lazy and drove over. Hell if I Walking in that weather. Wink

But yeah, while I Was relaxing in the shade I noticed all but one or 2 adults (many people) were sunbathing in the sun. I was thinking they were completely out of their minds. You know, it was only 100 degrees or so at that hour. ????? Crazy people.

After that we holed up inside the rest of the day, as the temps did climb to 110. But, no complaints. I was pleased we were able to enjoy so much outdoor time and it wasn't that bad at all.

If nothing else I LOVE my bike. Did I mention that I love my bike?

I come to work today glad I don't have a $500k mortgage. Life is good! Big Grin

I truly feel with our LCOL moved that we have made life so much simpler and better, all around. Whereas most of our friends and relatives would NEVER consider moving because the Bay Area "is the place to be." It's just so different from the outside looking in.

On the other hand, if those people stop moving up here, life is even better. So maybe I should just keep mum and enjoy it. Wink


Anyway, pics from my weekend.

Sunflower field we passed on the way to our playdate Saturday. Picture doesn't do it justice:

& you can see downtown in the distance. Not sure I can ever get across how "best of both worlds we have." Easy to pretend we live in the middle of nowhere, though downtown is a 5-minute drive.

Our current favorite bike ride destination. That lovely desolate park I have posted pics of before - we love to picnic there (it's surrounded by abandoned home lots).

Um, I have never really noticed this "statue" before. It's pretty neat.

& a glimpe of our pool (& the crazy people). IT's like a giant puzzle piece - a kiddie pool circle - attached to a rectangular, deeper lap pool.

IF we get there before 11, any day, it's all ours. We got a late start and this was closer to noon. Frankly, never seen it so crowded at noon, but wasn't surprised with the high temps. (It usually gets PACKED after 5 on weekdays, etc. & weekend afternoons).

Yes, somehow we survive all this un-desirableness. Wink


Hmmm, did I also mention I am loving my new camera phone?


I made the peach mango smoothie again and came out better (thicker and less sweet):

Updated Smoothie recipe:

Peach-Orange-Mango Smoothie

8 oz peach yogurt
1/2 can mango-orange concentrate
1 cup milk
1 cup frozen mango pieces
1 frozen banana (peel and chop before freezing)


I work 2 days this week, but feels like vacation. I am in such vacation mode...

6 Responses to “Life is Good!”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Tee-hee. Your photo with downtown in the back ground reminds me of driving past Bloomington, Illinois on the interstate and seeing its downtown over the corn fields.

    What kind of humidity levels do you get with temps like 110? And my condolences to you for having to suffer it at any humidity level.

  2. monkeymama Says:

    0 - we don't have humidity at all here.

    Which is probably why it isn't so bad.

    (I was pondering this the other day since we had some really unusual humidity and thunderstorms. We grew up in drought - all the dryness - and are accustomed to not showering every day (to conserve water). Though I sometimes get the feeling people think I am crazy. Online people in particular! A day in the humidity reminds me why others would think I am crazy. If I stay inside (or in the car with the A/C, etc.) we wouldn't even sweat on such a hot day!

    I forgot how icky all that humidity feels like.

    The thing is here we are right by the river though so it cools down rapidly in the early evening. This wasn't bad. We do get weeks of 110 straight with no breeze and little cooling off, and that is when I want to die. Thankfully, that is rare. This was a freak hot day, which was quite bearable.

  3. Maismom Says:

    Yeah, it was really hot this weekend. We went to Folsom lake on Saturday and BBQ at friend's house yesterday. Summer sure is here.

  4. Apprentice Bliss Hunter Says:

    Glad to see you had such a great weekend !

    Great pics btw !

  5. milehighgal Says:

    Where do you live? (if you don't mind me asking) It looks lovely, and being in an arid climate myself (CO) and visiting family in the South I can attest to how nice the dryness is when it starts getting really warm. With those beautiful farmscapes and low house prices looks like you guys made an excellent choice!

  6. monkeymama Says:


    Housing is about 70% cheaper than San Francisco area, where we are from. All of the perks of California without the high prices. Big Grin
    Our house would literally cost $1 mil back home...

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