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Little Updates

June 26th, 2009 at 07:24 am

Kids made a little puppet show. PAinted a box green to test out the paint color. Came out pretty good - much better than the old "green sheet" trick. Not sure when they will get to painting the wall.

I was wondering if the HOA would complain if we had a green wall in our garage. Probably would. They have nothing better else to do. But do I care? Nah. I think we have the right to a green wall! (They nagged a neighbor once for keeping the garage open too much - apparently we are not allowed to open our garage doors. Well, um, I don't remember that one being in the rules. So sue me!)

The garage isn't exactly beautiful to start with, you know? The walls aren't even painted. Looks rather "unfinished" as is.


Piano lessons have gotten to a rocky start. I think the biggest issue with teaching your own child is taking it seriously. Thus, I put BM's lesson time on the calendar for the next 2 months. If I could save like $1k in the first year, I could take this seriously.

AND? Promptly forgot his last lesson (didn't look at the calendar, forgot, then went out of town so no real time to make it up).

This week wasn't much better. I forgot kids had swim lessons 4-5. SO, I came home about 5 and they were just switching on a video game. Didn't quite realize. I said something like, "Time for piano lesson. & a walk after dinner."

The kids were playing their game and I plopped down on the couch for a while.

Big mistake. I am such a morning person that I just deflate in the afternoon. So, I Was pretty much done. Once I sit down, in a comfy spot, it's over.

By the time they were done with their game, I was exhausted. I passed on piano. BAD, I know.

YEsterday I came home about the same time and a video game was getting popped in. I was SO annoyed yesterday why they had all day and were just ignoring me when I got home. I finally realized why - because they had just gotten home too. So I barked at them - "No video games!!!!!!!!!!!" MAde them turn it off and BM had his piano lesson. Enough is enough.

I don't think he practiced much, and his first lesson wasn't particularly grand, BUT he did AWESOME! I was pretty impressed.

I gave dh strict instructions to have him practice. 5 minutes a day would suffice at this point. I showed dh everything he needs to practice.

I was searching through my old music files for something and came across some exercises I used to always give to younger students. I barely remembered them and was glad it had written instructions on precisely how to do them. LOL. I am completely disturbed by how little I remember from my teaching days. This may be harder than I thought, BUT, it will be a good refresher. IT was a skill I knew I could always fall back on, so good to keep it fresh.

My sister is visiting this month and so I will have to pick her brain a bit. She taught, has taught more recently, and is currently teaching a student, I hear. If nothing else, I just need to remember what we do the first year, outside the book.

I am pleased to say BM is a natural though. Big Grin I didn't think so first lesson, but he is doing really well. AND next week he will learn a couple of nursery rhymes, so I think it will get more interesting, rather quickly. (This is why it's so much easier to teach kids. They are pleased as punch to learn "Mary had a little lamb.")

I'd start with LM if he was open to it. (Maybe give it 6 months to really get into playing - but can start teaching him basics and note reading). He was not interested yesterday. No rush there.


Not much plans for the weekend. I should clean the house. IT's such a disaster!

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  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I think it's cool that you are putting a green wall in your garage! I suppose you could hang a white curtain over it, to avoid complaints.

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