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Getting My Beauty Sleep

March 18th, 2009 at 08:21 pm

Snoopycool's post reminded me.

Lately I have been asked a lot of I am a student. Since I went to a college with mostly older students, I know this doesn't necessarily mean people assume I am only 20.

In fact, I narrowed it down that I am only asked this when I am in my workout clothes (t-shirts I did wear in my teens/20s) or if I am really dressed down.

But still, I welcome the compliment.

I also had not worn my wedding ring in many years in my major procrastination to re-size after 2 pregnancies. I gave in a few months ago.

So today, quite dressed up for a client, and wearing my wedding ring, a store clerk asked if I was a student, along with many other questions.

Um, no? Haven't been to school in a decade.

I looked down to see if my wedding tring was on my finger, as I Walked out of the store. It was, of course.

One thing that is different today over the last few years, is that I am getting my beauty sleep. After having babies and walking around with giant black circles under my eyes, for many years.

& the men are definitely noticing! (Though the women seem to comment on the student thing as much as anyone).

But in all honesty, I am completely unadjusted to the attention. I am sorry to say a couple of men said hi to me on the street and I literally turned around to see who they could possibly be talking to. & then when I realized they were talking to me, I just kind of hurriedly walked away. I maybe muttered a hello. I was completely thrown off.

I assumed marriage and kids and all that just sucked all the attraction vibes out of my body. I am starting to think the truth is I just don't get out much. LOL.

But I do honestly think getting enough sleep is helping me to look more youthful, as a bonus. Can't say I have ever been asked if I was a student wearing my professional clothing.


Anyway, funny enough, I did have a new client yesterday, and they are one of the very few who didn't immediately ask, "Um, how long have you worked here?" Meaning, "You are going to do our tax return? Did you even graduate college yet???" I've actually had some pretty rude questions. More than one person has asked me, "Do I get a discount because YOU are doing my tax return?" LOL. Though every tax return we do goes through the same quality control process. & I have only been a professional for TEN years. Gah. They usually do relax when I point to my CPA license on the wall - dated 2001 and all.

Anyway, yesterday my new clients were quite pleasant. Phew.

Oh well, just my silly tales of looking young... There are certainly pluses and minuses.

5 Responses to “Getting My Beauty Sleep”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I sometimes still get that - especially if I've been keeping up with my healthy diet and exercise and am wearing my 'comfy' clothes. Smile

    When I first started teaching (at 21) I had some parents mistake me for a student at the school. Smile

  2. whitestripe Says:

    lol - i have been with DF for six years, so a lot of the time the fact that men might be attracted to me doesn't even enter my mind because it's not something I'm thinking of at all. Apparently a delivery boy blatantly checked me out at work the other day and I didn't even notice. The apprentice had to point it out to me, and she laughed so hard when I said that I didn't even see him do it. What went through my mind? 'how can you honestly think anyone is attractive enough to give a look-over when they work in a commercial kitchen and they're wearing a mans shirt and chef pants???'.

  3. Broken Arrow Says:

    Why hello there good looking....

    Wait wait. Please put down the mace....

  4. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Well, I am here to bring some balance to the equation. I've always looked older than I am. Frown

  5. monkeymama Says:

    Oh - FTexan - I felt so bad for BM's Kinder teacher. She is in her 30s. Everyone kept asking her how old she is and if it was her first year (she has taught for something like 5 years). I don't know - all those K teachers look awfully young to me. I didn't think much of it.

    Joan - Awww... Well there's got to be some upside, right?

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