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Just Catching Up...

March 17th, 2009 at 09:44 pm

**I forgot, I was also eager for paycheck to see if stimulus had arrived in my check. The answer is... NO! I didn't even think about it until today...

**I got BM's baseball shots and hadn't intended to buy any. Certainly not many. Holy Cow. I should get that boy in modeling. Just extremely confident and his personality just shone through. GREAT pics. But yeah - will cost me $$$$$$.

It's funny because his school pictures were rather, eh. So yeah, just didn't expect much.

I'll probably spend $20-$30 on some pictures.

**Reminds me, I got stood up for lunch yesterday, so dh and LM met me instead. It was nice. Mid way through lunch, aboslutely out of nowhere, LM says to us, "I hope BM doesn't get hurt at school today." I thought to all his skinned knees and such and said, "Yeah, he does get hurt a lot doesn't he. Is that what you mean?" He was kind of vague so I looked at dh and said, "Um, why does that make me nervous?" & it turns out yes, BM did get hurt. Nothing serious. But he his finger was smashed by a rock. Talk about creepy. IT's the first thing he told dh when he picked him up.

I wouldn't say I yield any psychic powers, but definitely have had weird experiences since having children. PArticularly when it comes to the children. Vivid dreams that come true, along with the whole "being completely in tune with the kids" thing. Dh would try to help at night when the kids were infants, but I always woke up before they even started to cry. It really creeped him out. I mean I know because he observed it. "Um, why do you always wake up before the baby starts to cry???" & then I'd be like, "well I am awake anyway - might as well get up." Anyway, kind of jealous LM seems to be more in tune with BM than I, these days. I just assume it is because they are so close, more than anything. Or just a coincidence. I don't know. Creepy!

I guess it's nice I sleep through the kids waking up these days though. Wink Since they generally don't need me.

**I just realized I have $17k cash. Which I have not had since, um, 2005!?!

My goal is to hit $20k this year.

I don't know - if our our minds, bodies, and teeth can stay healthy until 12/31, well, it us quite feasible. Not sure what the odds are...

But seriously, saving $3k this year for medical. We didn't use it for medical last year - but it did go to the dentist. If we can stay out of the hospital in 2009 (all FOUR of us), then we may make some decent progress on our cash this year. Probably wishful thinking!

Dh & I did discuss finances briefly yesterday. I can sum up our financial position to this:

We are in a good spot, but we have a lot of catchng up to do...

I told dh I was putting away 15% to retirement, 10% to cash savings, that we had plenty in cash for property taxes and any unexpected medical bills, etc., etc. (in addition to the 10% I am putting away for more long-term things).

He's like, "really?" & of course I have to say, "Don't get too excited. We have a lot of catching up to do."

Our emergency fund is pretty much at the bare minimum, if anything else.

& once that is back to snuff, there is the whole pay off the house and the whole college thing. THere still seems to be aplenty on the financial to-do list.

2 Responses to “Just Catching Up...”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    That is kind of creepy. Do you know how BM got his finger smashed? Was another student involved? The only reason I ask this is because my first thought when LM said that, was that maybe BM had confided something to him about a bully at school.

  2. monkeymama Says:

    That thought crossed my mind too, but LM is not exactly of the confiding age. For one, he tells everything. & they don't have much of deep conversations or anything. It really seemed more of the creepy variety. I mean if it was a bully thing - it would have come up.

    Someone hit his finger with a rock, but it was his good friend. I didn't hear the whole story (dh did) but it seemed innocent enough from what I heard. I'd probably cringe to know how many people BM has innocently hurt - he can be pretty rambuctious!

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