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Payday & Other Insights

March 16th, 2009 at 05:31 pm

**I don't necessarily pay much attention to pay day. I Tend to stay ahead of the curve, so the day of pay is of little consequence. However, I am excited about today because I can transfer $1200 to savings. My March financial chores are then complete. (Mortgage and health insurance still due the last of the month - but already set up to be paid automatically).

**Along the same lines, I am happy to report that I have $2k+ in my savings to pay the property tax bills. I was discussing my overtime bonus arrangement with a friend and she said, "Just in time for property taxes." Well, actually a few days late. How depressing if I had to fork it over right away. No thanks. I am planning to save my overtime towards stuff around the house/next car purchase. I will probably spend $200 on a bicycle as well. But if that wasn't on my horizon I would be happy to save it all. I am trying to remember if I have ever in my life relied on a windfall to pay property taxes. I don't think so. (Possible in some year with infants - so maybe once, maybe twice?). Saving it for later (for a big purchase later - or something needed later) is so much more freeing!

**I have a new observation this tax season. *sigh* It's been apparent for many years, but I think this economy is making people more cranky so it really shows.

All my married clients are happy as can be. & the single ones? GRUMPY! & I am talking more on the retired end. The working, young single people are just fine. I just realized though all my gripey clients are retired and single. They have always been grumpy. But this year - whew. These are people that mostly retired young and seem to be doing quite well. I understand the stress some of them feel financially. Then again, one elderly gentleman griped and griped about taxes and such, and then told me he expected to inherit much soon, on top of his pretty hefty pension. It's not like he is stressed financially, at all. But I would not add him to my list of "cheery people."

Anyway, I had a few older single people come in and seemed unusually cranky this year. & they are usually pretty cranky anyway. & then my married clients came in and they had nothing negative to say. Some of the said, "The economy sucks, but what are you going to do?" Most of them had far more pressing financial whoas than my cranky clients.

It has been really eye opening.

I find it kind of sad too. A lot of them are widowed. I am sure they expected to grow old with that special someone and are rather bitter that they have lost that opportunity. I see it with our own Grandma's.

Anyway, I am making a mental note that romantic partnership is important in old age. Interestingly enough the men in our family seem much more open to remarriage, after widowhood, than the women. & I think they are happier for it. & from another angle I am making a mental note to be supportive of our parents if they ever find themselves in that situation. I can't imagine my parents ever re-marrying, but knowing they will be far happier in the long run makes the idea easier.

In general, the whole thing just makes me sad. *sigh* That's life I guess.

4 Responses to “Payday & Other Insights”

  1. Amber Says:

    Way to MM on the transfer to savings, that's great. In regards to the economy it's definitely making me more cranky

  2. zetta Says:

    One thing to note, it's easier for me to remarry than for women -- since men die sooner (on average) and tend to prefer women who are younger than they are, their pool of possible wives is larger than the women's pool of possible husbands.

  3. monkeymama Says:

    That is a good point. Though truthfully the women in our family did not want to remarry and the men did.

    But yeah, lack of men is another problem for the gals.

  4. whitestripe Says:

    that is an interesting point. i guess maybe the married couples probably are thinking 'we could be living in our car - but atleast we will be be living in our car together'. it is much easier to do something hard when there is someone with you.

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