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Ebay Challenge

January 28th, 2009 at 03:56 am

Goal: NET $1200 in Ebay & Craigslist Sales for 2009

Two Sources of sales:

One: Selling items around the house; 100% profit

Two: Dh's Ebay/Craigslist business (buying and selling used video game systems, accessories, and games).


1/15: Gross $70 Ebay - $30 profit
(video games and controllers)

1/27: Gross $90 Ebay - $45 profit
(5 video games)

1/27: Gross $40 - used game store - $40 profit

January net profits: $115


Basically, dh bought 2 Gamecubes off Craigslist, complete with accessories and games.

Sold some of the accessories at the used gaming store. Sold a pile of games on Ebay for about $160. Sold the Gamecubes back on Craigslist (sold them with the bare minimum accessories and the crappy games. Maybe held back a couple of nice games to sell with the systems).

So far in January he retained Donkey COnga Jungle Beat, for our pleasure. (It's pretty fun too!). SO you can add one free game to our profits.

I might even transfer the money to mid-term savings. ??? We had a good month. Dh just started this a few months ago and I have mostly been using the money to pay bills (or he has been funneling it to buy himself stuff, like a used Wii). But this month, I think I may have $100 for savings, which is pretty sweet!

Today's Ebay sales closed $20 higher than predicted. Woohoo!

3 Responses to “Ebay Challenge”

  1. Koppur Says:

    Great job! Why do I have a feeling you and Steve will be the two to beat? Smile

  2. disneysteve Says:

    Great job. Keep it up.

    Koppur, nothing wrong with a little friendly competition.

  3. monkeymama Says:

    Well, to be fair, this is my husband's business. So he has a lot of time on his hands, and motivation. (HE doesn't have money for all his toys otherwise - hehe. Though I am trying to talk him into raising $5k/year for his ROTH. If he can max a ROTH I don't care if he gets a W-2 job again. I think it is very doable). The money is in the video games that people sell for pennies and don't want to list on ebay. They sell for $10-$30 a pop.

    I think this year will be a little harder too. I have a tricycle to sell, but we've sold most of the baby stuff. We won't be cycling through stuff so quickly as the kids get older. Last year we sold a pile of strollers and more expensive baby things.

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