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IT's Warm Here

January 15th, 2009 at 03:15 pm

We had a record breaking 74-degree day Tuesday. The weather has been GORGEOUS.

Today is s'posed to be about 70 as well.

Funny thing is I am volunteering outside this morning and it is in the 30s, so I am going to bundle up real good, and then come home and change into some lighter clothes before I go to work.

I heard a joke the other day. Some joke about a guy in Colorado, who is from California. He is wearing shorts and flip flops and comes upon a bunch of locals bundled up on a sunny but cold day. The locals ask him why he is dressed like that and isn't he cold? He says, "Where I come from the sun works." LOL. Yeah, that about sums it up. It's been in the 30s over night but it will heat up well into the 70s, given some sun. & having family from Colorado, yeah, the atmosphere is just very different there. So I really *get* that joke.

Anyway, since winter is like half way over and all we have had is sun for a week, I am thinking this winter will be a breeze. The weather was just on my mind seeing all the posts about freezing, cold, and 30 below. Ugh!


I am joining the "Ebay Challenge." My goal is actually to NET $100/month income. We grossed $70 ebay already, but I am not sure how much of that is profit. I will figure it out by end of month.

This weekend I need to work on some Craigslist sales, since the last 2 weeks of the month are shaping up to be pretty busy. If anything around the house is going to get sold, has got to be in the next week.


Work is crazy. I have a distinct hatred of 1099s. Bah.


My house is full of icky sickies. Dh and BM have 2 different viruses right now. LM generally doesn't get anything, but he just has a perpetual runny nose. So he may be fine (knock on wood). I guess me being at work insulates me from the germs a bit. It is bad enough to try to avoid one virus, but now I am trying to evade 2. I don't think my odds are very good. *sigh*

I took a bit of a vacation Tuesday to watch the kids, but it didn't go so well. Weather was beautiful, enjoyed the walk to pick up BM. Turned out he had his worst day at school ever, lucky me. Of course, I quickly saw why because he was in a mood. I figured he wasn't feeling well, and he was throwing up soon enough. I thought we would take the nice day to go to the park, and would just enjoy the rare break during busy season, but didn't quite turn out like that!

My parents were also going to visit Saturday but now they won't since my mom is so susceptible to germs. *sigh*

2008 was actually a pretty good year on the sick front. We had that nasty flu early in the year but that was about it. The 2-3 years prior were marked by constant illness. I was relieved that it was true - BM has not picked up anything particularly nasty at school - he's already gotten everything imaginable at preschool. Phew. Maybe we have paid our sick dues for a while. That is what I was thinking anyway. But 2009 is not off to a great start!

4 Responses to “IT's Warm Here”

  1. swimgirl Says:

    We're all sick, too. Ugh. I really want to call in sick, but I have a couple of meetings today that I NEED to be at.

    I didn't even notice if it was warm yesterday or not. I felt lousy, and went out as little as possible.

    I'm hoping to stay in bed all day on Saturday.

    Hope you're all better soon, too.

  2. Maismom Says:

    I am loving this weather, too. I want to take an afternoon off to sunbath or go skiing.

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Here's hoping the Monkey household gets feeling al'right again real soon!

  4. Amber Says:

    I'm in FL and the weather has been absolutely beautiful
    Good luck with the Ebay challenge

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