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Health Insurance up 15%

November 21st, 2008 at 11:48 am

But what else is new, eh???

It's actually, not SO bad...

Our premiums are going up from $478/month to $549/month. ($71 month increase).

Deductible remains at $3k.

& we actually get prescription benefits (we had none last year). It's something, I guess.

We've had WAY worse years, so this I can handle. As awful as it sounds, I can handle it.

If we're lucky we can squeak by only paying $6588 in premiums all year (really not bad for private insurance for 4, in an area like this - far cheaper, and better might I add, than any benefits my boss offers). AND our max out-of-pocket is $9588 if we use our deductible.

So yeah, overall, this HDHP thing is still easier to swallow, then our old plan. Our old plan is over $1k/month and has a bunch of additional "out-of-pockets" anyway. I don't actually *get* that plan in the least. For the "cash poor" I guess. (Though you end up paying more in the end? & who can afford those premiums? I've read all the fine print and it's all lost on me. There must be some catch I am missing. The only difference I can see is I may pay $3k for a emergency room visit or a hospital stay, but that sure beats paying almost double the premiums, or another $5k a year. at least with the deductible there is a slim chance we pay $0 for the year outside our lower premiums).

Thank GOODNESS for these HDHP and HSA plans. They will save our bacon.

Anyway, I am very zen with this. I expect a $100/month raise at the very least. So I am happy. & anything above that goes in my pocket (which I do expect more). Yay!

& next year LM finished up preschool, and I can take whatever my health plan throws at me. So I can relax for 2 years... IT's just year by year here, and now I can relax. Phew.

I Wasn't going to look until after my birthday, but they sent me an e-mail to me. I didn't expect the new premiums until next week. & well, once I got the e-mail, of course I had to look! Glad it didn't stress me out too much. I Was going to wait because I didn't want to ruin my vacation.

6 Responses to “Health Insurance up 15%”

  1. kdmoffett25 Says:

    My husband's went up 13%, but last year we forgot to do the health assessment that gives us a discount on it and I remembered to this year, so his premiums are actually going to go down...

    Wish you luck and I know it will work out in the end.

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Ugh. Thoughts of unaffordable insurance have been afflicting me for weeks, though our increase is not to come until June.

  3. Swimgirl Says:

    Depending on what the prescription benefits are, you could recover the part of the $71/mo right there. We had insurance with $35 copay on prescriptions at one time. Now, it's $5. $30 savings every time we fill something. 'Course we have more people than you do!

  4. ME2 Says:

    I have no idea how much my insurance costs. This is due to the fact that my boss/employer pays for 100% of my health insurance. Yay!

    However, he was grumbling a few months ago that 2 years ago, when he had 3 of us on Blue Cross, (and while it wasn't the "upper class" of insurance, more like the "upper middle class" of insurance)he was paying less than he is currently for 2 of us on some "lower middle class" insurance. Yikes!!

  5. monkeymama Says:

    Actually, the prescription benefits don't kick in until we use the deductible, swimgirl, and I don't remember the last time we filled a prescription. So we won't be recovering the $70 any time soon. Wink
    But if one of us becomes (expensive) medicine dependent, I guess it could help. I am trying to look on the bright side...

  6. monkeymama Says:

    ME2 - yeah, my boss would cover me but not my fam. But to cover them is something like $10k/year, and that is some really god awful plan (like a $10k deductible????. He only has like 5 employees, if that, in the plan so he doesn't get any particular employer discount).

    It has gotten so crazy over the years. I gripe because it is the one thing I did not foresee when we had kids. No idea our health insurance would skyrocket so out of control. If I hadn't of gotten such big raises in recent years my spouse would have had to return to work YEARS earlier to help with the health insurance. No doubt. (When I turned 30 our premiums rose 40%. Ugh. We were preparing for when we turned 40, and expected a big premium increase. & then of course the year I turned 30 they restructured the rates to start shouldering more costs on the 30-somethings. We were not happy, for sure).

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