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Credit Card Drama

November 13th, 2008 at 12:49 pm

I had a fraudulent charge on my State Farm Credit card this summer. They caught it and called me. They told me it was taken care of. Then it wasn't. Dh had to call them like 5 times to remove a $1.50 portion of the charge in the end. Geez Louise!

So here we go again. You know my Chase card was compromised recently.

They never reversed the charges and since I don't get a paper statement, and I used the card all the time, lord knows if I would have noticed. BUT when I reviewed October expenses I saw I had posted the fraudulent charges to "ID theft." I thought to myself - "they never reversed those - Did they!"

I am convinced now this is a general credit card policy. Tell customers you'll reverse it, don't, and see who notices it. Then leave $2 or so and see if anyone notices. !!! Ugh.

So dh called yesterday and they said they reversed it. I didn't have a statement and he didn't know otherwise.

Wow, the SAME runaround!

I told him to cancel the darn State Farm card (he didn't) but Chase I am sticking with. They pay me $500+ a year to use their card. I am not threatening to leave. I could see eating the $20 if I had to. So it's a different game.

But anyway, I printed out my statement and all the activity since said statement, e-mailed it over to dh - and sicked him on Chase again. (Um, NOTHING had been reversed according to my statements. HELLO!)


At this rate, it may be resolved in January. If we're lucky.

BTW, like last time, one of the charges happens to be $1.95. So anyway, how much you wanna bet they reverse the $18 charge and leave that one? How much you wanna bet? It must be in the rule book.

I am not one to chase pennies, but when it comes to greedy credit card companies, and a spouse with free time, you BET I will chase it.

4 Responses to “Credit Card Drama”

  1. koppur Says:

    Keep at it...it may be a small amount, but it is the principle!!

  2. Ima saver Says:

    How annoying!!

  3. CouponAddict Says:

    You have to really watch the small ones; We were told by our CC company sometimes people will do a small charge to see if you will catch it then if you dont they start charging more. That is what happened with DH card, did not catch the small one right away (within a week) and so they racked up a bunch of ten dollars here ten there dollars charges. Luckily the charges were not for internet things so the card company called him wondering why he charged a hotel room on one part of the country while eatting at Taco Bell and filling gas in another area. Good thing he did have real charges during that time to prove where he was.

  4. ME2 Says:

    I had a problem with Discover card this past month. In August, they never received my payment (yes, I mailed it and the check never cleared my bank) so once I was notified of this, I immediately made the payment for August and they insisted @@ that I also make the September payment as well....whatever.

    In October, I made/mailed my standard payment and it made it with no problem/check cleared the bank.

    Imagine my *surprise* when I received notification from Discover that my auto-payment (which was 50% higher than my required/normal payment) had been processed. WTF!?!?!?!?

    I called Discover and was given the grade A run around. One brainiac in their CS department insisted that I had to have agreed to the auto-payment since they had all my bank info. (I had just told this moron that I made a payment by phone the previous month @@)

    I finally found someone who agreed to cease the auto-payments. (I have since paid the card off in full!)

    However, because I no longer trust the *fine* folks at Discover, I will be telling my bank to refuse any/all request for payment from them, just in case. I wouldn't put it past them to try and put thru a payment on an account that is paid in full. @@


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