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Weekend Roundup

October 20th, 2008 at 02:39 am

**We got stood 3 times from Craigslist. BAH! I think I Was about to donate everything when someone came by today, 11:30 on the dot like they promised, and gave me $10 for a booster seat. (My faith in humanity is restored. Seriously, would it hurt anyone else to CALL?).

I mean, when the profit for all this work was $0 I was getting pretty fed up. $10 is at least something. I could use it. But seriously, next time a charity comes with a neighborhood pickup (often) I am going to set everything out. I'll take the tax deduction. Yeesh.

**Reminds me, ebayer has not paid up for the $23 I made Friday. BAH to them too.

Anyway, the writing is on the wall there - I wouldn't be able to relist in time if they don't pay - so I am getting really peeved.

Just my gut feel, since we have had so many non-payers lately. The only other thing I could figure is the guy is out of town and maybe will pay up the next couple of days. But not holding my breath. We'll see...

**We put up our new drapes this weekend. We learned that Dh, BM and I could move a grand piano. (A Few inches anyway). Never occurred to us there was no room for a ladder in there. We worked it out and hung the drapes. It took like 3 hours. Don't Ask! LOL. I will be lucky if dh ever helps me hang drapes again. Luckily I think any we would want to ever hang, have been hung. Phew.

**I had begged dh to humor me for a bit. So yeah, it was like, "please just take a few minutes to help me" which turned into all day. So for that I treated him to dinner at a newer Indian cafe by us. We waited a while but $33 later we left happy as clams. I swear, when we left, it looked like we had completely licked all our bowls and plates clean. My sandwich was huge, so I took half home, but the rest of the food was GONE. Not a drop remained.

BM kept whimpering the chicken was too spicy for him, but eating it anyway. He got over it rather quickly. It was THAT good - yes.

**I did mention, the weather was GORGEOUS. We sent the kids outside to play while we hung drapes (all day) and afterwards I just wanted to collapse and so hung outside with them for a good hour or 2 afterwards. I just collapsed outside and chatted with the neighbors. We were going to invite their kids over if we ever figured out the drapes. But it was even better, the kids just played outside. Like ALL DAY. They were all in heaven.

**Today we got stood up for our picnic; our friends were sick. We went anyway. There is a very scenic park amidst a ghost town of empty house lots and model homes. We went over there because it was where we had been planning, and drug dh along rather against his will (he's trying to work on a wedding video - we are very distracting) because I find the place rather desolate and eerie. I wasn't going without more adults.

It was just SO peaceful there. But for all the airplanes taking off from the airport (& all the city scape) I would have thought I was in the wilderess. SO peaceful. IT was great - of course we were alone. There are not a lot of people living over there. The models next to the park look closed. We were surprised as we drove past some of the other models that they were open. The whole place seems rather abandoned really. I doubt the sales are going well. I would expect more building if they were.

So, for now, it's our own little desolate playground I guess. They have a nice playground and a little lake and so on.

The playground by our house, on the other hand, is still under construction. & well, it's not quite so peaceful!

**The weather was so nice I decided to work with BM on his bike. He did extremely well. Pretty wobbly in the a.m. and by the p.m. he got braking, steering, starting, and all that stuff down pretty good. HE still needs practice, but he is one determined boy. I could tell immediately this morning that he got the balance down, but not the steering so he had trouble staying on the sidewalk. We stuck with it though, which was probably good. I let him practice in the street a little more once he got it. But his steering got pretty good since I made him practice so much on the narrow sidewalk.

Oh, I did hurt my leg because I am not s'posed to run. I ran and it hurts. !! At least he didn't need me so much after the first hour or so.

Anyway, last time we tried he did not do so well at all, it seemed he learned balance through osmosis or something. Difference between night and day today. I am glad to check one more thing off the list. This year has been a busy year in that regard - swimming, bike riding, kindergarten. All this exciting stuff.

**I found a curtain rod for my drapes for $15. Target. Even dh grumbled it was cheap. I said, "It's 10 feet up in the air. Who cares?" LOL. IT looks fine. I am proud of the buy.

I had bought a $30 drape rod at Bed Bath Beyond that I will have to return. Didn't need it. But it was my backup if the rod was pure crap.

**I returned a few clothing items that were too big for BM. Target. I found some adorable girly outfits on sale in exchange.

I usually start my Christmas shopping in October, but don't usually get this far. I think I have got most of my shopping done. I do lots of donations and such in December so will encourage dh to get his shopping done in November. We just try to spread it out.

**Anyway, besides my drape detour, you could say I mostly lazed around outside all weekend. & that was nice!

4 Responses to “Weekend Roundup”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Good job on getting the drapes up. Sounds like it was a good sized project.

  2. mbkonef Says:

    Just note on the bike riding - my daughter had a hard time learning on the sidewalk due to trying to balance/worrying about going into the grass. We took her to a large empty parking lot (a school lot on the weekend) and once she stopped worrying about going off course, she did great. I think sometimes they learn better if they only have to work on one thing at a time (balance vs. steering).

  3. monkeymama Says:

    Honestly, I didn't learn to ride my bike until I was 8 (I tried for many years) and I wished my parent's realized this. We tried for many years on the sidewalk.

    We don't have a drop off from the curb to the street, so once I told BM it was okay to veer in the street (& there weren't many cars parked) it did get a lot easier. I realized right away that was what was going on. But I was going to take him over to the parking lot if he wasn't doing as well as he was. Will definitely keep in mind for LM. Doubt he will be so easy.

    I am glad he didn't get my bike riding genes. LOL.

  4. dmontngrey Says:

    Another mistake I've seen parents make with kids and bikes is making the kid learn before buying them a "new" bike. I babysat a girl and her mother brought over her bike and said they were having trouble teaching her to ride it. Well no kidding - she was too big for the bike and top heavy! They were trying to make her learn on a 16" bike when she needed a 20" bike. I found one for $3 at a yard sale and had her riding all around town by the end of the day.

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