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10/15 is the Deadline

October 14th, 2008 at 06:42 pm

For your individual tax returns. But we don't have procrastinators here, do we? Wink

Actually, I an mot much of a procrastinator myself, and had all my 10/15 stuff done, when one of my clients disappeared off the face of the earth for a bit.

Well, she finally materialized to pick up her tax return today. Phew. I guess it's not MY problem if she doesn't pick it up, but she was driving me a little nuts.

10/30 is a payroll deadline but we have a couple of new employees and I feel WAY ahead of the curve - much more than the last couple of years anyway. It will be calm here until December. December is crunch time and quickly gives way to W-2 season and tax season immediately after. So my goal is to enjoy a rather calm 2 months or so.


**Today I am spoiled, dh gassed up my van and took it through the car wash.

I guess I may return the favor since I have his car and it is almost out of gas.

We may pay close to $3/gallon with our coupons. Wow! We were paying $4 not too long ago.

**Dh was watching some special on transportation on NOVA. I had heard that a large chunk of California foreclosures were people who commuted and were hurt by transportation costs. I couldn't quite wrap my brain around this idea in the North because the outlaying areas were considerably cheaper than the city centers. (Well, except for 2005 when it was just insane everywhere). But I didn't quite *get* this. Well the show had a family who was spending $2k/month on gas with their gas guzzlers and long commutes.

Yikes! That maybe explains some of it. I guess it didn't occur to me if you were commuting over an hour that you would drive a 12mpg SUV. !!!!!!!!!!!!

(I do know a few super commuters and they all drive hybrids).


I can see how that $2k monthly bill could get in the way of your mortgage payments.

**Yeah, I think we are going to drop Dish and I think it is going to be expensive. But for dh's sanity I guess. Their DVR box sucks and the best anyone can say is "don't record so much." LOL. Our 10-year-old TIVO could handle much more. Anyway, we haven't even used up half the space on the thing. & I don't think we ever would. (We have a 30-hour TIVO and this is something like 2000 hours or some crazy insane thing - trust me - we have not over-extended it). IT has ISSUES!!!

His parents have a Direct TV TIVO we can HAVE. Which sounds nice, but we we can not transfer our lifetime subscription to it, so we will either have to buy one (they have been offering them on and off) or suck it up and pay the monthly TIVO fee.

Direct TV is more expensive.

& dh wants to buy a HD TIVO when they come out with Direct TV ones next year. THey have mostly been offering those with lifetime subscription deals. Essentially he wants 2 TIVOs, in the long run.

Can you say $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$?

In the meantime, dh couldn't be any grumpier. I guess we should just be glad we had our mom and pop cable so long (over 6 years). They were a STEAL and they were really good. I am afraid nothing else will compare.

It is enough for even my dh to swear off TV. HE is getting there. The cable and satellite monopolies are just hard to stomach.

We've never paid much for TIVO but they largely stopped offering lifetime subscriptions in recent years, so I guess I am glad they are offering those again, here and there. We paid something like $100 in 1999 - and used that one almost 10 years. We'd still be using it if we could stomach any of the cable companies around here. It's not compatible with satellite. Bah. But as long as we use our ancient first generaion TIVO (which was just fine - eons better than Dish's stupid DVR) then it is "free" to use. Our options are just few as far as actually using it.

Because it has the lifetime subscription we may be able to sell it (the old TIVO) for a decent amount. When we decide what we are going to do. I am glad we did not sell it yet. We may just end up with cable and keeping it. I have just heard such horrible things about Comcast. But at least we could go back to our old TIVO ways. *sigh* We don't have any other cable options for now.

Did I mention dh was grumpy? Wink

Anyway, all this craziness in the world and all I have to hear about from dh how is own little world is ruined by Comcast (who bought our old little cable company). I know, it seems kind of silly to be so upset about it really. What can I say?

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  1. dmontngrey Says:

    I'm not thrilled with comcast myself, but I have NO other options other than to cancel cable. FIOS is coming next year and I may just use that to tell comcast where to go. Nah, not really going to switch. I just want to pay LESS for something I'd rather not be paying for at all.

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