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More Best Buy Recycling

October 13th, 2008 at 02:44 pm

I took 2 old car stereos to Best Buy, for recycling yesterday. You can check your Best Buy, but ours takes 2 items every day (max anyway).

I combined it with my trip to Target for some clothes for BM and halloween candy. We walked between the 2. It is frustrating how there is absolutely no walking path between the shopping centers - it was not a far walk at all - but we mostly trekked through the empty parking lots and traipsed through some bushes to get over there. I was pleasantly surprised there was some sidewalk.

Brings our total to:

-2 computers (one ancient/one dead)
-vacuum cleaner (broken)
-cell phone (replaced)
-2 car stereos (ancient)

I envision one more trip for our PDAs from when we lived in Silicon Valley. (They are a decade old).

Dh tells me yesterday he wants to see if there is any resale value. Whatever, not holding my breath. If I just take them in and don't tell him he will NEVER know. Trust me. LOL. But I will let him look. I think I will just give him a deadline. If those things are still here 12/31, they are going to be recycled. !!

I have an old film camera I will probably donate.

I tossed an old broken lamp in the garbage yesterday. Dh tossed one when we cleaned the garage.

I am feeling refreshed with all this purging. !!!

I realized that fall seems to have a similar effect to me as spring. Not the same, but the change in weather has jump started me a bit.

We still have 2 fans that we never use. For now I have so much other stuff for sale (costumes and strollers) that I think I will leave them be. If I ever get through the rest of my sell list, I will consider it. It's something you can maybe see as useful, but has been sitting in our garage for almost a decade. I am inclined to take cash. Maybe earmark them for sale closer to summer. That is a good idea.

we still have to deal with my bed as well. Will sell it or freecycle it.


Yesterday we weren't at one with nature. I think we did about 3 loads of dishes, 4 loads of laundry, and I spent a good chunk of the evening hosing off the front of the house. Ugh. It was well overdue. I should probably hose off the back of the house a bit next weekend. But the front is now nice and shiny. (I remember doing this in 2006 so it is not something I do very often - LOL).

We had cut our lawn watering in half now that the 100-degree days are over. It might even out a bit.

Then again it is forecasted to be 80 - 90 degrees all week. Yeesh. Might have to crank up the watering a tad... I thought we were done with this...


P.S. My buy into VG Total Stock Index Friday was around $21.75/share. Almost 150 shares.

I looked back over the last 2 years since I opened the account and I have mostly paid $32-$36 per share.

Funny enough, my regular $50 monthly buy went through Friday night as well.

4 Responses to “More Best Buy Recycling”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    oh I love purging! I have been purging on ebay and doing well$$. But I need to get started on useless stuff like old phones...

  2. dmontngrey Says:

    It hit me last week that there is about to be a surge of useless portable tvs early next year! No one is going to be able to use them after the changeover. I saw some while out yardsaling this weekend and I just wanted to tell the sellers not to bother. My radio in the kitchen will no longer pick up channels either. What a waste of a LOT of electronics all at once.

  3. scfr Says:

    I too tend to go through a "fall cleaning & purging surge" each year ... Am going through it now. Not sure if it is strictly the change in seasons, ingrained habits from "back to school time," or an urge to bring a sense of order to my own little world when there are so many serious things going on outside of my sphere of influence. Probably a combination of those factors.

  4. monkeymama Says:

    I don't remember fall cleaning before. For me, I think it is that I have some time now that the kids don't need constant supervision and care. *Phew* It's nice for me to remember I am truly not lazy, that I have really just been that busy and exhausted lately.

    BUT - I think you nail it on the head scfr. Very subconscious, but the whole idea of ordering my own little world a little bit more while the rest of the world is in such a state of craziness, yeah, that rings true. I hadn't realized, but I think that is probably much of it.

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