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A Frugal & Productive Weekend

October 4th, 2008 at 04:46 pm

I went to aerobics and filled my tires on the way home. The air has gotten significantly colder, and it was long overdue. We filled dh's tires last weekend. We stick with 35 psi. Better gas mileage and the tires tend to last longer (a little over-filled). We have done this forever per the recommendation of a good mechanic back home.

When I got home I filled up the trash with more garage junk. The kids helped me sweep a bit with our new broom.

The trash is filled up again - but should be done next round.

Dh took BM to Home Depot for one of their free kids' projects. A little more for older kids but he LOVES it.

LM & I are going to Fairytale Town. (A glorified park with a few farm animals). Our membership expires this month but we never seem to make it in the fall or winter. So I figured we would get our use this month and let it expire. Maybe renew in the spring. Being cheap since it has been kind of crazy.

Tomorrow there is a free symphony event for the kids. LM is SO excited. He is music boy.

So I can't say I planned it all this way, but is turning into a pretty frugal weekend.

Dh picked up my wedding ring last night. We lucked out. The credit card closed early. I figure maybe we could squeak it by with a night purchase, but no prob. A ton of stuff I expected on the card did not come through. October is extra spendy as a result.

I closed my CD (matured today) and tried to redeem my $250 Chase rewards. The rewards I earned this cycle were not showing so I will try again Monday. I will also pay off the final 0% balance transfer on Monday. So yeah, good bye almost 6% on money that isn't even mine. Now I am left with 3% on my pitiful bank balances. Wink

But yes, I feel quite productive!

Oh yes, the rain came last night (& the HOT weather went away). Dh had promised BM ice cream so we went over to Thrifty - they have awesome ice cream for 99 cents. It was raining and they didn't seem to expect anyone to come in for ice cream. It was actually pretty fun. We just brought it home to eat because there was no where really to eat it but in the rain. But it was a fun adventure.

The house is 78 degrees. It is nice as we enter comfortable realm.

With true fall weather arriving (albeit a few weeks late) I think it is also time to go through the kids drawers and pull out the warm clothes. Phooey. BM might need new clothes. Hadn't even thought about it, it has just been so hot. We'll pull out last years clothes; I don't expect they will fit! Might have to make a Target and/or thrift store run for him.

P.S. Oh yeah - BM had 2 fillings yesterday. Ugh. They think there is only one on the other side. PHEW. 3 appointments down, 2 to go. That one we can push off paying another month as well since it didn't hit the card. Yippee! But yeah, we will card 6 cavities, maybe even 7, this month. $1200-$1400. I will be glad when that is over. BM still LOVES the dentist. He keeps getting thse giant blow up toys. LOL. He is going to have like 6 when we are done. Geez. Our house looks like a carnival for now.

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