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It's the Principle...

October 2nd, 2008 at 02:47 pm

I saw Fern's post about seeing how long before we turn on the heat.

Then I came home and the AC was on. (It's been in the 90s here. I am not sure what it was yesterday, but close to 90). This is officially CRAZY Weather.

It looked cool (cloudy) in the evening though, I hadn't been outside though. So I told dh to open a window. I just assumed it was cooler out.

I flipped OFF the AC, and no window was needed.

Anyway, thermostat said it was 81 degrees upstairs when I went to bed, but I figured it would cool off faster than usual. It is October after all. (In summer, and THIS september, we flip on the air before bed, for maybe 1/2 hour, to cool off the upstairs).

I woke up at 1am sweltering!!!!!

I wrestled with myself, in my mind. I am generally not very cheap when it comes to comfort. If I wake up hot, I flip on the air for a bit and turn it off when it cools back down. Not a biggie.

But, it's OCTOBER!!!!!!! We generally don't turn on the A/C in September. Certainly not OCTOBER!!!

I sweated it out. It was the principle. Stupid as it may be, it was 100% the principle of it all!

I was pretty close to breaking though, but I eventually fell asleep.

It's 7am and it is 80 degrees downstairs. Probably still 81 upstairs.

81 can be comfortable enough at bed time, but it obviously got hotter as the night progressed. I expected to wake up this morning a little chilly, but it was HOT instead.

Which pretty much proves it did not cool down last night much, outside. UGH!!!!

Yeah, looks like we won't need heat for a while.

I already told you I had a real and true nightmare that we went straight from this weather to cold winter weather. We usually get some in between.

A strange year, for sure.

2 Responses to “It's the Principle...”

  1. Maismom Says:

    I agree. But did you see the weather forecast for this weekend? They said it will rain!! Yuppppy!!! I'm so ready for rain and cold weather.

  2. monkeymama Says:

    I still can't believe it is forecasted to be like 80 for the next 7 days. BUT that is a huge improvement.

    I am enjoying the overcast sky! The rain will be divine...

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