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August 29th, 2008 at 05:41 pm

BM had his first fillings today.

#1 Awesome news - he took it like a PRO. Dh said he was totally fine. I called him afterwards and asked if he was scared. He just laughed and said no. "Why would I be scared?" Yup, that's my kid.

His boldness has calmed down a bit with age, thank goodness, but is a great asset in a time like this. (When he is older I am afraid he will be a sky diver though. !! It has its pluses and minuses).

It's funny because LM is the epitome of caution - so raising a daredevil and raising Mr. Cautious is just kind of a funny comparison, at times. I keep thinking thank goodness BM is the one with the cavities. Simply because he can handle it.

So that is AWESOME news.

Also, they only thought half of the 8 molar cavities would need filling, but wouldn't know for sure until they got in there.

True to their estimation, he only needed one filling today. The other one they drilled a bit to smooth it out, but was all it needed.


One down, 3 to go in that regard. I hope all the rest turn out the same - pretty much what they had told me.

He also has 3 front teeth to fill. So still a long ways to go, regardless... They want to do it in 4 more visits. I can only hope all the other visits go so well. But this was definitely a positive start to the whole process.


The other interesting news that I am not sure how to classify is that the kids' daycare is selling their house. Frown

I just don't know what to think. They said they don't plan to move far but want to downsize their HUGE yard. I am trying to brace myself for the possibility they move farther out. I don't know what we'll do. They are "family." I can not imagine sending my kid elsewhere. I am not sure we would. I wanted LM to have the same awesome experience that BM did.

I did notice a daycare (new) on the street behind ours so it could be something to look into. But I don't like the idea at all. I am happy with where we have been sending our kids for the last 2 years. !!!

I had a few thoughts.

Thoughts one and two, it may take a long while to sell and be a rather moot point, or they might not be able to sell at all... & I mean, if it takes a year, I think we will be ready to move on at that point anyway.

Third thought was they could move closer or even be more convenient.

But farther out, I just don't know. It's already a bit out of the way.

I guess it is a little too soon to get worked up about. But we'll see...

We will probably have much to think about if the move comes to fruition.

For now I guess I won't worry about it. Could be months if not years... In this market.


Thank goodness for the long weekend. Just one of those weeks where I NEED it. Big Grin

I think I mentioned already - weekend plans to swim, go to the park, and maybe go for a hike. Attempting no-spend. We'll see.

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