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Grumpy Monkeys

August 26th, 2008 at 03:40 pm

Gah, what a night. Everyone is so grumpy. LOL.

BM had his first full day of Kinder, and I am afraid it whooped him.

A long time napper I didn't expect it to really matter as he has outgrown naps for a few months. & we have been pushing bed time earlier and earlier, inch by inch, in preparation.

But he had a fit I guess yesterday afternoon and feel asleep amidst it all. & he was REALLY grumpy when he woke up (When I got home).

He eventually snapped out of it when we played an hour long game of "Hide the Wombat."


LM just has the funniest stuffed wombat toy (funny looking but cute) and the kids just giggled like loons as we took turns hiding it. Doesn't take much to amuse them. Wink Of course, mommy put the wombat in the silliest of places so they loved that.


Anyway, LM was up from about 2am-4am last night. I have NO IDEA what his deal was. HE woke up and said he wet his pants, but he hadn't and then he just would not sleep. Around 4am dh coaxed him back to sleep I gave up.

So I am just exhausted between those 2.

I jinxed myself though. Some stuff been going around and from being sick constantly, we have suddenly not been sick for a LONG while. I mentioned to dh like 2 days ago, knocking on wood and knowing I shouldn't think it, much less say it aloud.

Wouldn't you know, I have a sore throat now? Bah!


& the kids behavior has been so odd I am worried they are feeling a little under the weather too.


Dh was invited to a red egg and ginger party this weekend in the Bay Area.

Text is and Link is

Sure, sounds fun, but do we need to spend any more money this month? We kind of fought about that last night. I told him hell no. But you know, I am a softie and if he REALLY wants to go.

I know, sometimes it is hard to believe that my dh is really the most frugal saver I know. It doesn't shine through very much in recent years. $800 on a computer, $300 in fridge repairs, and a potential $2k dental bill, all in ONE month, and he can't understand why one little trip to the Bay Area is a little excessive.

I was rethinking because the gas will only be $30. I can raise $30 from Craigslist before the weekend perhaps. BUT he should probably bring a gift. & that right there makes a $50 trip with money we simply don't have (& that being cheap!).

Oh yeah, and he wants to spend $20 on poker too.

I am afraid there will be other parties.

To think we almost made it a whole month without a long car trip. We'll see...

The sucker in me knows he doesn't get out much and I hate to say no. But egads, why does it have to be so expensive?

So yeah, we're all just grumpy.

5 Responses to “Grumpy Monkeys”

  1. swimgirl Says:

    As a former kindergarten teacher, I can tell you that even for the children who are completely ready to begin school, it is stressful. BM might be excited, saying great things about school, but imagine... his whole world has changed. He is going to a school with lots of kids (more than preschool), lots of adults he doesn't know, and he is on a new schedule. Think of how exhausting the first few weeks at a new job are, when you're trying to get the hang of the schedule and get to know the other people. Stressful, no matter how much you like the job or how pleasant the circumstances.

    Be extra understanding for the next few weeks! Isn't this a full-day program? When I taught first grade, which was the first full-day grade at my school, I always had students fall asleep while I read after lunch. It sounds like he is a kid who is trying to please, so that means it's even more tiring for him. Poor BM... but he will be used to it in a few weeks. This is exactly why many teachers focus on citizenship and social skills the first few weeks of school, and less on academics at this time.

    Good luck. He'll probably sleep a lot more tonight!

  2. mbkonef Says:

    I can still remember when my son started full day kindergarten. He would be so cranky when he came home. We learned to have him get a snack and unwind for about 1/2 a hour before trying to get him to "do" anything like homework, etc. That 1/2 hour + food made a huge difference in his attitude and willingness to cooperate.

  3. my english castle Says:

    I'll third those responses. DD finished full-day kindergarten last June--and all of last fall she was soooo tired. She was cranky through swimming lessons, sometimes cried for no reason on the way home, and needed long afternoons in my lap to decompress.

    Then she started running into school in the morning and my worries evaporated. (for a bit!)

  4. monkeymama Says:

    I understand.

    My frustration is mostly at the school. I don't know whose bright idea "all day" Kindergarten is. Bah.

  5. monkeymama Says:

    P.S. My friend just told me her friend teaches all-day K and she lets those kids who fall asleep just sleep all afternoon if they need to. Figures those kids don't have great homes. I just had to laugh at that! My kid is a SLEEPER. So he would be one of those who would sleep the afternoon away, even if he got 12 hours sleep at night.

    Yeah, I just had to laugh at the idea of sleepy Kindergarteners not getting enough sleep. I'd bet some of them get plenty of sleep. Just not enough for them.

    Our school gets out 2:45 and I wouldn't have been surprised if he went back to 3:00-5:00 naps or something. Should probably encourage them for now. Sleep is a good cure for stress...

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