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August 24th, 2008 at 07:41 am

We struck gold. Yay! Dh has been driving 10 miles+ to the post office. We live in the big city but no post office close AT ALL.

Anyway, they just opened a full service (domestic anyway) USPS in the Raley's grocery store. A mile away at most.

So not only is it REALLY close, but now we combine grocery shopping and USPS runs. Big Grin Will help the business bottom line - woohoo.


I calculated if we buy lunch every Friday for BM it will cost about $40 for the entire year $2/lunch and LOTS of Fridays off.

So I think that seems fair.

I am ready to prepay the whole year, but not sure if I can.

They have it set up so you can pay online and I was never given a student # so can't sign up. Just one more thing to figure out - will call the school Monday.

I guess we should wait and see the menus too.


Yesterday I went to aerobics and worked a couple of hours. I did some online shopping for some much needed things.

In the afternoon we played some video games and Mario, and we all went swimming. I was going to take BM for a bit of a workout, but LM decided last minute he wanted to go.

Next weekend is the last weekend the pool is open. Silly since much of September should be pleasant swimming weather. It is even worse they do not open until end of May. (March, April and May can have some pretty pleasant days).

BM is a pro, I hope he doesn't forget all he has learned. But LM also did great in the water. He was happy to scoot around with floaties on his arms. Usually he just clings to me like glue so it was impressive. Too bad all this will be forgotten by next summer! I am making a mental note to help him practice dunking his head in the bath tub and get his comfort up with that. If he gets more comfortable I may sign him up for private swim lessons next year. I decided these were really the frugal way to go. Though more expensive up front, it just took one session to get BM proficient in the water, whereas he didn't learn much in the group class that cost 1/3. Not sure he would have got to this level in 3 sessions there, so I think we came out ahead.

I hesitate to pressure LM too soon. It is a fine line between traumatizing him and helping him. I was the same way, but even so I can't say where the line is. This year he was too young for it all. But his newfound comfort in the water gives me hope next year he may be ready to become a serious swimmer.


Today I would like to go to the gym and get a haircut. I need to return one thing at Kohls, phew. Get that bill down. One thing did not fit after all. All in the same shopping center though so will knock all that out in one trip.

Not much else planned. Dh is working on a family wedding video. Oh yes, he got XP working on his computer finally. Crisis Averted. He has 2 operating systems on his computer - the XP is just for editing. But knock on wood, all seems well so far. No more talks of upgrading $600 software right now. PHEW.

I did sign all the school paperwork and this is a charter school heavy on parental involvement. I figure I wouldn't mind being treasurer at some point down the road. Anyway, in the paperwork, they very smartly asked what our families talents/professions were. So I threw in the whole CPA and video editing thing. I thought it was great they asked up front and know we both may be able to contribute to the school in those areas. For now I am signing up for clerical work and dh is signing up for in-classroom volunteering.

I keep wanting to volunteer in other capacities because I like to mix it up. If I am going to sit at a desk all day I have often figured I'd prefer to do something entirely different for volunteer work. Which is one reason I have hesitated on finding a cause for now.

There is very much to this. I am happiest when I am doing many varied activities. I think I would be happy as a clam if I had 2 completely opposite jobs (I thrived in college with the various classes and jobs. My schedule was insane but I absolutely thrived with all the variety).

BUT, truth be told, as I look down the list of opportunities at the school, all I want to do is the treasurer kinds of functions or clerical work. I am not big with kids and much of the rest doesn't appeal to me. So be it! I imagine all this stuff is very different than my usual work anyway, in some regards.

It's kind of funny because dh and I were completely opposite. He just loves kids and wants to take the opportunity to get to know the teachers and principal and all that. He is still considering a teaching career and wants to take the opportunity to network and see how it really is on the inside.


I think dh is trying to butter me up. On the menu for the week:

*Baked Potatoes stuffed with yummies (I forget the official name, but that about covers it. He made this recipe a few weeks back and I could eat that every day. YUM!!!! cheese, bacon and all that is bad for you).

*Burritos - Not exciting but I have been craving them

*Citrus chicken - A fave we haven't had in a while.

I don't know what else, but I expect to gain a few pounds. Wink

Reminds me, we cut up the melon we got from the farm yesterday and OMG. BEST melon I have ever had. We have melon out our ears. I couldn't even eat that much because it was so sweet.

You know I have my own pepsi addiction. I was going to have a bit of pepsi after dinner, and I just didn't even crave it after that. I told dh I wasn't sure of all that sugar pumping through my veins - VERY sweet. This from the pepsi addict! But was good. I said something like, "This tastes like candy." & the kids looked at me like I was crazy. "Of course this is candy!" They devoured way more than they should and I was surprised when they went to sleep well enough. All that sugar. I guess fruit sugar is different from processed sugar.

It just doesn't seem right to have all that sugar. Wink But I was very impressed with the grapes from the farm, and little frame of reference for some of the other produce. But I give the melons an A+. In this case was Galia Melon.

The preschool is loving me - I think I will take a load of melon slices on Monday. The thing was huge.

4 Responses to “Yay!”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    ummm...did you change your title? I dont remember so many M words previously...

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    Hehehe, oh yeah, I just noticed the Ms too.

  3. monkeymama Says:

    Nope - same title as always! Big Grin

  4. zetta Says:

    Fruit sugar *is* different from table sugar -- it's mainly fructose where table sugar is a combination of fructose and glucose bonded together. As I understand it, fructose has less impact on blood sugar levels, which is why you wouldn't feel the same sugar high you get from eating a candy bar. Melon has lots of fiber and other good nutrients, too, so I wouldn't worry about eating too much of it!

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