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Weekend Update

August 23rd, 2008 at 06:48 am

Hey, I treated myself to something yesterday. I felt a little guilty since it is such a bad month but I honestly can't remember the last time I bought myself something. At least a few months.

So for $20 (50% off retail, which I would never pay by the way) I got the cutest monkey robe.

This is not it, but close.

It's so funny because my favorite color is black. I remember my mom thought I was going through some goth phase as a teen and figured I would grow out of it. She is disappointed I never did. I have always hated pastels and the color pink.

BUT, now that I live with 3 boys, I think the testosterone is too much. I think it is getting to me. For whatever reason I *almost* bought a pink sleeping bag this summer. I was like, "Where did that come from?" I actually really liked it.

So yesterday I saw the monkey robe and couldn't resist. I think almost liked it in pink.

Anyway, I spent $100 with that but got a few things I REALLY needed for work. Pants and bras which are impossible to find. I still need to hit the thrift shop for a couple of other things. I didn't expect to find my brand of pants there, but they were, and I don't think I will need them hemmed. Phew. Usually pants are too small or to long, and I feel so average. What is there for us average folk?

So yeah, it wasn't the best time to drop $100 but I don't think I have really bought any work clothes this year. It was time. My pants are really comfortable (2 pair that I mostly wear) but they are fading. *sigh* I figured I could drop $40 on some new pants.

Oh yeah, that was my free $10 Kohls run. Wink Couldn't find the free underwear I planned. But I have been looking everywhere for those pants. I didn't remember seeing them at Kohls before. So I was rather relieved to see them.


Anyway, I am considering doing another 0%balance transfer.


If I could get 5%, would be worth it.

When I originally took on 3 balance transfers last year, I expected to do it just temporarily until all of them expired. We were trying to bulk up our emergency fund and had much making up to do.

Anyway, I expected to be in much better straits now, but with how everything has been going this month, I figure we could use an extra $500 or so over the next year. So I am thinking about it again.


Reminds me, dh got another deal of a game system and like 14 games, for $50. So things are looking up. He expects to make $150-$300 on everything. His last ebay batch sold about double what he expected, and his current one already has some higher bids than he expected (with 3 days left?)

I tell you, it's a fickle business. He had a few that didn't sell so well, and lately we are on fire. I don't know if we are attracting more buyers as we are becoming more serious sellers. Considering I have my 15 feedbacks as a seller, I wouldn't think it mattered. But the first couple of batches didn't necessarily sell as much as he expected, and for whatever reason now they are selling way better than expected.

Plus last time we sold 6 items to 3 people. People tend to buy games in bulk so it REALLY makes it easy on the shipping side.

He has been doing priority shipping which few sellers do. Maybe that's our edge. I just don't know!

Maybe next round will suck. But for now we are on a good streak. I feel like our luck is turning around.


Reminds me, the focus group company called me for a 1 hour gig for $80. That is the best rate they have ever offered us. It's usually like $40/hour.

I didn't qualify but I am on the backup list. Crossing my fingers someone flakes out. Wink

1 Responses to “Weekend Update”

  1. sillyoleme Says:

    I'm glad you were able to find the pants you like. If I ever find a pair that consistently fit well... I'll probably stock up on em!

    I'm like you with the pink... grew up with all boys and the last thing on my mind was a pink anything. It's still a little weird to me when I pick out something pink now!

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