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Not much to report

August 22nd, 2008 at 07:17 am

There just isn't much to report here.

Dh was going to set up a dual boot on his computer so he can use Adobe Premiere with XP on his new system (which is Vista and uncompatible with Premiere).

So yet to hear how it went...

He's stressing me out with he needs to replace this $600 software (this is the student/super discounted price).

So he compromised there and he actually has been making mad sales on ebay.

I have $200 in my checking towards his computer, he will sell another $100 (up now) and expects $300 or so with what he has to sell on hand (a Wii and some other things).

Anyway, $400 will suffice to lower my stress level, and he is almost there. We have about $100 in rebates to submit as well. Means I really only have to come up with $300 (& can almost squeeze that out of the budget). Phew.

I do hope he works out his video editing software issues. I understand why he wants to use his new system to edit. IT's much faster!!!!


I paid $3.60 gas the other day. Was with my 25 cent grocery coupon anyway.

I think we are almost boycotting Safeway. No more gas coupons, no more bulk items. In the end we are doing most of our shopping at Raley's/Bel Air. You ask how we keep our grocery costs down? Just shop the fanciest story. (Really the best sales and deals. We primarily shopped there anyway, before, but Safeway is getting rather useless in comparison, as they drop all their bulk items, raise their prices, and decrease their packaging. Some is them, some is just the brands they carry. I can only guess Raley's has a enough high end sales to support not raising prices on the low end. Safeway doesn't have that luxury. Too bad because it is easier to lose customers than to win them back).

Raleys still offers 25 cent off per gallon, gas coupons. You see why we are shopping there. !!!!

Safeway has 3 cents - big whoop. Plus their food cost more anyway.


Anyway, work has been busy so I have been throwing myself into my work.

Our satellite sucks, so I haven't been watching so much TV. Dh was griping about switching to cable but I told him personally I just enjoyed watching less TV. (Though I have been tending to miss more of my favorite show. The DVR is just CLUNKY. We REALLY miss TIVO. Dh said it best when he said it was sad that we prefer our 10-year-old TIVO with like 30 hours to this thing which is s'posed to be the "best" and holds something like 1000 hours. That's great except it is organized so terribly, you can't watch any live TV, and you can't find your shows. It has many many issues and so we are kind of peeved. I am personally though happy just to watch less TV. Dh doesn't really agree though. Wink )

Anyway, I was peeved dh hasn't even unplugged the TIVO. But we may drop satellite and go back to cable, though it is more expensive. *sigh* We miss our super old, single tuner TIVO. Waaaaaahhhhhhh. (Which is just one more thing to worry about financially if we go that route - we need to upgrade it one of these days - preferably a new HD TIVO).

I do admit I like watching whatever I want upstairs on the second tuner, with satellite. BUT I guess that is more my perk than dh's. & we can get a dual tuner TIVO.

Anyway, with school and work and everything I have been a little busy. But it's a good busy.

Dh is in a mood. Just no one messes with his computer to TV. LOL. So I know this is all stupid stuff that will work out, but he is driving me a little nuts. These are his "babies." & nothing is working any more. Aaargh!

2 Responses to “Not much to report”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Ask hubby to build you a custom TiVo box?

  2. monkeymama Says:

    For whatever reason he isn't into that.

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