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A YUMMY recipe

August 22nd, 2008 at 01:23 pm

Before I get too blabby, I forgot to share a recipe we tried last night. YUM! Dh improvised on the orzo because we didn't have dill, and it ended up kind of blah. But the chicken was SO good. He improvised on that one a bit as well. We generally cook with frozen chicken strips, and that seemed to work well enough. It was just a great flavor.


Dh actually found this recipe when finding something to do with our arugula, and avoiding a trip to the store.

Anyway, the salad sucked. Blech. But the chicken was good. IT was a quick/easy meal as well.


Well, we survived the first week of school.

It just hit me that we will have to be better prepared next week. Since next week we switch to full days and have to pack lunch.

I was thinking it may be reasonable to have him buy lunch on Fridays. It's only $2, they have almost every other Friday off, and gives us parents a break. Not the most frugal thing ever, but probably a nice treat. IT will only be $4/month in most months.

I am actually not a terribly organized person overall. I am in many regards. But in many regards I am not.

So I am feeling like I have to get more organized. I think we may move to preparing lunches the night before. & we need a laundry system since BM has white clothes to wash (I try to avoid white) and the more laundry we do the less clothes we have to buy, etc. So we need to work on a laundry and lunch system. I can just see waking up Monday with no clothes to wear and forgetting lunch in our haste. I guess it is an adjustment for all of us.

I guess when I want to be organized,
I can be. But I haven't put much thought into all this. I think I better think about it all...

BTW, I am going to spend my weekend filling out paperwork. Fun fun!

3 Responses to “A YUMMY recipe”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Ooh, nice looking recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  2. miclason Says:

    What I do:

    Ale is "in charge" (of course, I supervise) of setting up her clothes the night before...this ensures I don't go crazy looking for shoes, socks, etc in the morning....and, if something is dirty/wet, it gives me time to DO something about it.

    I set lunches the night before, too. I package everything in containers and put them in the fridge and those containers have a specific spot in the fridge, so that all I need to do is grab and run! Other foods that are "school specific" (individual serving sizes, pre-packaged yogurt, etc) also have specific spots in the fridge or cupboard, that way I KNOW where to find them and its easy to note whether there'll be enough for the whole week or not (I shop for these items every 2 weeks)

    Ale's backpack also has a special spot near the door, so if she has homework, the backpack HAS to be put there after she finishes. If she doesn't have homework, it goes from the car to its spot (since we sometimes take my sis' car!)

    Oh, forgot you said they don't get homework.

    Hope this helps!

  3. baselle Says:

    I love lemon chicken, but I am even lazier. Whole chicken, pull out the bag, pat it dry, smear the skin with olive oil, salt and pepper. Take a whole lemon and slice slits into it, stuff lemon into chicken cavity. Roast at 300 - 350F uncovered until the leg wiggles or until a poking causes juices to run clear, about 1 hr.

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