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Settling Down

August 18th, 2008 at 03:20 pm

Today settled down a bit. I can breathe.

Tomorrow will be crazy with school starting and all. Tomorrow is Orientation. I mostly come and go from work when I please, but I figured if I was going to have a permanent 8:45-5:00 schedule, or something of the sorts, I should send an FYI to my boss.

It struck me as odd that we don't get all that info until the day before school starts. I mean I know what time school starts. But I read at one time the kids could not be more than 10 minutes early.

Looks like they loosened it up last year - 15 minutes early. Though I think there was a misprint/typo that you could drop off the kids at 7:45. I think they meant if you had the school daycare. School starts at 8:30.

So for now I am not quite sure when I can drop the kids off. I find out tomorrow.

Mostly it looks like I can drop him off at 8:15 for pre-school recess. I am thinking I Will adjust my work schedule to 8:30 - 5:00 then. It works. 5:30 is fine in the summer, but in the winter months when it gets dark I don't like to be the last one out. We'll work it out. I rarely take much of a lunch break anyway - rather get home early.

It sounds more fair to start with recess if you want the kids not to be late, but not too early. I don't think they had morning recess in the past.

I personally look forward to the kids being so close to home. Preschool is a bit of a trek. Though I maybe have 2 more years of that trek, with LM. But this is a step in the right direction. Big Grin IT will take me almost as long to get to preschool as it will to get to the school. So it's no huge difference to me. Now school is 15 minutes away from my work instead of 10. But being one minute from the house, as opposed to 20 minutes, is divine.


Dh made a killing on Ebay. I hope this gives him a kick in the butt, and it REALLY helps me.

He bought a Gamecube and 13 games (in good condition) for about $55. He just sold 6 games for $100. He has a bunch left to sell, and the game system is worth an easy $40-$50 alone.

Not that these deals are easy to find, but it pays to keep an eye out.

He'll probably easily sell everything for $250. Probably even more. BEst thing is I don't think he wants to KEEP anything from this batch. Big Grin

This will go a long way to fund his new computer. Phew!!!

Reminds me, he got his new computer up and running and the old hard drive is just fine. Extra PHEW for that too. Nothing terrible important on the hard drive (anal about backing up and keeping important/personal data off the computers. Pictures are backed up and sent to our parents often. Those aren't even kept on any computers - just an external drive with our Quicken/financial data). But, dh's e-mail address book and most of our recent e-mails were on that drive, and dh was able to retrieve all that.

We could have lived without, but it is nice we didn't lose any data.

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