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More Busy

August 17th, 2008 at 08:32 am

**Worked much of yesterday. Making up some time for last week and next week (first day of Kinder and everything!!!)

Ms. Difficult is KILLING me. I went in to catch up and I ended up perusing want ads. Plenty of jobs out there (I always say I could find a job in a day - just such a CPA shortage). BUT I really like this one. I LOVE everything but Ms. Difficult. *sigh* Much to mull over and work out. She has always been difficult, but this year is just on a new level. Ugh.

Definitely need a chat with my boss Monday. His reaction will determine how I feel. I am sure it will be fine. He has always taken my side/worked with me. But I am tired of running to him all the same and defending myself. IT gets old...

Taking today off. Exhausted. Don't plan to do much.

**DH & BM went to a free movie night in the park last night. Sounded like they had fun. Free movie, free popcorn, etc.

**I went to aerobics before work yesterday. I need to hit the gym and work out my frustration a bit I guess. IT helps.

**Dh gave me $300 to deposit. He also has one Wii left. I will probably get $100 off ebay this month (maybe more). So he came up with half the computer cost.

I told him to keep $100 - we need more money. (Go buy and sell!). He just wanted to give me the cash. I said, I have cash. I would rather you keep $100 and earn more. So we still have cash at the end of the year...

Anyway, he told me he was planning to take a break because buying and selling is risky and stressful with all the pressure.

I told him I clearly would prefer he kept buying and selling then have all the cash up front. So he said he will work on it.

Shoot me now.

I figured he'd at least be making more money. I am thinking I just can't rely on him financially at all. It's just maddening sometimes. I understand where he is coming from. He is a FULL-TIME dad, and I appreciate that, and all he does to keep our bills low. BUT to go make a bunch of money last month and say he can't do it now, under the pressure? Ugh. Just shoot me now.

He really did assume though I needed all the cash. I assured him I didn't need it, and to just try to tun around a few smaller things. Every bit helps. He is keeping $100. & if he sells the other Wii he can turn around another one... Or give me that cash as well.

August just gets better, doesn't it? This is just the month from hell for me. Everything just sucks.

Feels good to let it out. Big Grin

**My baby starts Kindergarten in 3 days. Oh my Goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it will hit dh much harder than me. But I can't believe how fast he is growing up.

**Someone I met on aol in the early 90s looked me up on Facebook. Oh my. LOL. I didn't even remember my screenname. It's kind of creepy. It just struck me about what you do on the internet can haunt you for years to come. Scary. Seemed like a nice enough guy. Sounded Vaguely familiar (the name). What a weird blast from the past.

I wonder if in 15 years, people from pfadvice will be looking me up and saying, "Remember me?" & I'll say, "I don't remember anything." LOL. Kind of how I feel about the whole thing. I was really into the whole aol penpal thing but none left much of a lasting impression. Apparently I left a lasting impression with someone.

That's the long and the short of it. May take a bit of an internet break with all the craziness of next week. You never know, but if I am not too posty just know I am very busy at work and jumping head first into this whole public school thing. Just a lot going on.

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