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The Random, Last Minute Traveler

July 28th, 2008 at 10:26 pm

I just booked a flight to Denver in September.

Finally talked my Grandma into letting me visit. My parents are going and though she has been very resistant to my family visiting too (just overwhelming) we finally talked her into BM & I visiting for a day while my parents are there.

So, yes, rather random and last minute. For the likes of me anyway.

The funny thing is I cringed at the thought of airfare and didn't think it was a terribly practical idea. But I discussed it with my mom today when she told me they had set dates for their drive to Denver.

LM and Dh can be difficult, cranky travelers. (So could I be, probably). But I thought the idea of just bringing BM along was rather refreshing. My mom agreed. & even more importantly, my Grandma did too!

I am not sure we were totally set on the idea. But she has never met my kids, her only grandchildren. I just felt it was important. For her to at least meet one of the kids.

My mom kept trying to talk me into driving and I told her either we couldn't justify it or I would prefer to pay a premium not to lose 2-3 days driving. (They wanted to take 2.5 days each way to drive). & though BM probably travels well enough, not so thrilled being crammed in a car with him 3 days.

So I took a deep breath and searched the airfare, expecting the worse.

Instead I found $200 round-trip, non-stop, door-to-door.

I didn't even look further. Nice airline. Convenient. I'm set!

My mom hates flying, so I Can't fault them for not even pricing airfare. (Though I can assure they will pay more for gas than our flight for 2 will cost).

BUT my MIL is also going to Denver in September. She hates driving, but is driving.

I am just wondering if in general people are making driving arrangements for longer than usual, and not even pricing the airfare?

You could have blown me over when I saw how affordable our flight is.

So I Am rather excited about the whole thing.

What an adventure for BM.

I hope we don't regret not spending more time there, but this is probably really the best way to do it.

We're flying in a Wednesday late afternoon and will be back Friday morning.

My parents of course INSIST on paying everything, but I Was just very pleased to find travel arrangements even I Could both stomach and afford. It would have been hard for me to accept something like $1k for airfare. Instead they will probably pick us up at the airport, and pay the $600 or so for flight and room.

I am pleased to say I would have gone and paid my own way, regardless. Though the help is nice, self sufficiency is nice too.

& instead of writing off airfare as some crazy insane thing we can never afford again, maybe I will price things once in a while. Wink

Anyway, my friend just told me she was waiting for her 6 & 8-year-old to age and be better travelers. I kind of laughed ( she probably knows something I don't know). All I Could think today was what a breeze it should be to travel with BM now, as opposed to past years with diapers, bottle, baby car seats and the like. I guess we'll see how I feel after this trip, but the flight is only 2 hours. HE did well enough on the 6-hour+ drive to LA, and he is rather adaptable. I guess we'll see. Will go good or I will be like my friend, forever waiting, I guess.

I just pretty much refused to ever travel again with the kids while they needed kiddie car seats. The very portable booster seat I can handle. BM is amazingly mature for his age and I think he will be Fab travel companion. Wink

2 Responses to “The Random, Last Minute Traveler”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Well, good luck with your impromptu air trip.

  2. my english castle Says:

    Excellent! I've got travel fever myself, and you're so right how much more fun it is to travel when you're not hauling diapers, and pack and plays and all the junk.

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