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Thank You Nintendo

July 22nd, 2008 at 02:08 pm

Dh has been doing well with the selling Wiis. Though this market largely depends on Nintendo under-stocking their product. They seem to be doing quite well at this, so other people can make easy profits. (Wondering in the wisdom of their business model).

So anyway, we enjoy, but dh figures eventually the Will will lose favor or be stocked in the stores, and it won't be so lucrative.

On the other hand, he is also making a killing on all of the old Nintendo game systems.

He keeps buying them up in bundles with games, and turning around and selling for double.

Yesterday was a good day on ebay. He thought he may bring in $40, at least, and sold a few games for about $70. He thinks he will sell the system for $50 (has in the past weeks). So he paid $60 and turned around everything for $120. (Well, ideally).

I am still giving dh space, but I hinted yesterday that I may need some of that money for dental bills. He is at least forewarned.

It's also been very helpful because this month has been rather expensive, between school expenses and swim lessons, etc., etc. I was okay to take the first month out of preschool savings to cover this one-time stuff, but with dh's money I think I will just go with the status quo. I had wanted to set that $200 aside, and for now I think I just will.

If dh keeps this up, there is little to stress about financially.

On one hand, this is a great business because it is so time flexible. I mean, what is the alternative? Minimum wage for many hours? On evenings and weekends? I think this is much more lucrative. BUT it is also much more expensive as far as taxes. He hasn't even cleared $1k cash profit yet, and so I haven't thought much as far as taxes. But once he clears $1k, we will definitely have to set aside about 1/3 for taxes. {I just expect enough tax refund for now, to cover the first $1k}. That dang self-employment tax! It definitely stings. Since I get to keep 85% of my check, it just stings that much more.

On the plus side, they just raised the gas mileage rate for businesses. Since he has been driving so much in his 40mpg vehicle to pick up games and such, I guess we will probably have much less tax profit when we consider the mileage expense. Something to consider. Though we don't really spend much to run or maintain his car. So that helps lower the effective tax rate in a sense, I guess.

Trying to look at the bright side?

Well, the bright side is having extra money. It's entirely weird. & nice!

Dh does not take the kids on his Craigslist runs, so since BM is home for a month with him, he was just telling me he didn't expect to buy much this month. BUT he has been picking up so much stuff on the evenings and weekends, I doubt it matters. I realize he may have an advantage being home during the day and having a couple of days a week he can run out and grab stuff (be the first!). So he may lose a bit of an edge for the next 30 days, but I am sure he will still buy and sell a few.


I got the sewer bill and it was about $5 higher. Ugh!

I read the fine print. It is going up $2.25 a month.

It seems worse since we only get billed every other month.

That is an 8% increase! Like the $90 or so we pay for water/sewer monthly wasn't enough... (We pay more for water than for energy).

I have been in some weird void where all of my bills had been going down. Our cable bill went down "just because." The city allowed us a metered water option late last year, which was cheaper than the flat rate we have been paying. All of our insurance has gone down, etc.

This year hasn't been so lucky. Our cable company went out of business and we couldn't find such a cheap alternative. So our cable bill is now up.

& now our sewer bill is up.

I am sure there is more to come...

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  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Heh. I wish I went into the business of Nintendo trading.

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