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The Well Oiled Monkey Machine

July 12th, 2008 at 02:06 pm

The Monkey household is a well oiled machine.

I think I am still in shock some days how quickly I can get things done around the house without wee little ones underfoot.

What I attribute to laziness around the house, the last few years, I now think is hardly laziness. I can accomplish 100 times as much in a short period of time, now that I don't have the constant interruption of babies. Which is the other part of it.

So anyway, last week I wrote up some rough menu on what I wanted for the weekend. I was too busy with work to think much ahead. I figure I'd stay up all night Friday if I'd have to, cooking and cleaning.

But I came home and dh had done a lot of the advanced preparation of the food.

I worked on clearing out the family room and kitchen and some of the cooking I had wanted to do.

I don't think dh hardly said 5 words to each other on what needed to be done or what we wanted. We just knew and it got done.

I did ask him to vacuum the carpets. I'll give us that. But it was nice I didn't have to ask anything else. It just all came together.

The kids went to bed and I figured I should too. We were well ahead of schedule.

I told dh this is our 5th kids' birthday party. We're getting better at this.


Today everyone will marvel how I worked a full week and still put together such a wonderful party.

Poor dh.

I could say a million times, "well, dh did most the work." It goes right over their heads. Grocery shopping? Cleaning? Cooking? Obviously I did it ALL!!! (NOT!!!!)

Honestly, I am a little freaked out. Who is this man??? LOL. He is making money and doing more than usual without asking. Not that he doesn't usually do a lot. But I usually have to ask or direct a lot more. So I have to admit I am a little in shock. But oh well, I won't question it. I will just enjoy!

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